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Process of Intact Stability Booklet Computation

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Orlando Ayala

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Process of Intact Stability Booklet Computation

Procedure to Elaborate an Intact Stability Booklet
1. Introduction
2. Objectives
3. Generalities of ClassIBS
4. Intact Stability Booklet
5. Freeboard Computation
6. Mr. Husband Barge Project
7. Service Supplier

Recognize the importance of freeboard calculation and intact stability booklet on ships; applying IMO´s rules such as International Convention on Load Line and Intact Stability Code.
Generalities of ClassIBS
Intact Stability Booklet Procedure
The safety of any vessel is pretty important because of the different rules, regulations and international conventions that allow us to guarantee the safety of the ships we build, classify, and operate
Chapter II of SOLAS, Part B provides a useful reference of intact stability code that has exposed an accurate and specific data for computing the manual, called intact stability booklet and damage stability conditions.
Specifics Objectives
Comprehend how important freeboard and intact stability booklet computation are in/for the ships.

 Develop computation of freeboard under ILL, 66.

 Apply process to obtain a complete intact stability booklet.

 Use new software in naval engineering background



General Organization

Planning & Development Department Organization
The origins of Isthmus Bureau of Shipping (Class IBS) date from the foundation in May 1995 in Panama.

It was established as a Classification Society in order to promote the regulation and development of the shipping and shipbuilding industries.
Isthmus Bureau of Shipping, also known as Class IBS, is a ship classification society.

The principal work of the Society’s expert technical staff is to undertake surveys to ensure that the rules that apply to new construction and existing vessels.
Statutory Services
Ship Classifications
Vessel in operation
New Building
Plan Approval
ILO 2006
Flag Administration
Port State Control
Basics Stability Concept
The initial stability should be considered up to 10 degrees, even other criteria taking to 15 or 20 degrees,
Positive condition
Neutral Condition
Negative condition
Stability at large angles
Differences between small and large stability
Δ. GZ = Δ. GM sinØ
GZ=(vb1b2/Δ)-BG sinØ
Atwood's Formula
GZ= KN – KG sinØ
Dynamic Stability
Δ∫GZ dφØ
Weight additions, removal and shift
It is the energy available by the ship righting moments to resist any external heeling energy from the position of equilibrium to any inclined position. Mathematically, this work is,
Free Surfaces
A free surface is fluid that can move freely, such as water in a partially filled tank. As the ship lists, the fluid in the tank moves.

The fluid movement acts like a weight shift, causing the center of gravity of the fluid to move which causes the ship's center of gravity to shift in both the vertical and horizontal directions.

The effect of the vertical shift is negligible at small angles (φ < 5 to 7) and is discounted, but the transverse shift of the center of gravity causes a decrease in the righting arm (GZ
Effect to a weight addition
Effect to a weight removal
The effect of a weight shift
A. Static stability curve
B. Cross curves of stability
C. Calculating KB and BM
D. Special notes regarding the stability of
the ship
E. List of conditions required
A. Mr Husband Barge Drawing Plans
B. Mr Husband Barge Manual Calculus of Booklet Intact Stability
C. Freeboard Computation and Regulations For Determining Load Line
D. Service Supplier
Mr. Husband's Plans
Checks that drawings and plans are stamped correctly and are signed by the responsible surveyor.
Confirms that relevant documentation accompanying manuals and calculations has been prepared in accordance with IBS instructions.

Carry out the type approval examinations of marine equipment and materials as per the Organization’s procedures and as per the applicable Regulations.
The cross curves of stability are a series of curves on a single set of axes.

-The X-axis is the displacement (t).

-The Y-axis is the righting arm (ft or m). Each curve is for one angle of heel.

-Typically angles of heel are taken each 5 or 10 degrees

How to Compute the Cross curves

• The transverse section area under waterline.

• The moment about the vertical y-axis (passing through C.G)

• By longitudinal integration along the length, we obtain the displacement volume.

• For every area, we obtain vertical moments and volume for each waterline. Then V (m3)/Statical moments

• Plot the cross curves of stability

Mr Husband barge belong to Talleres Industriales, S.A., and this vessel has a crane on the front deck whose main dimensions are as follows:

belong to Talleres Industrial|es, S.A., and this vessel has a crane on the front deck whose main dimensions are as follows:

Length: 32.0 m
Beam: 9.06 m
Depth: 2.90 m
Draft: 0.86 m

Mr Husband barge
Mr.. Husband Stability Booklet
Freeboard Computation
Regulations for freeboard Computing based on ILL.
Flow steps Freeboard Computation
Thanks you !
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