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Quintessence 9 Class Meeting

No description

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Quintessence 9 Class Meeting

Quintessence 9 Class Meeting
Welcome QT9
Class Officers
Corey Clay - Class President 
Francine Marquis - Class Vice President 
Justice Turner -  Class Treasurer
Alexyss Scott - Secretary 
Shantina CarringtonLa-La- Parliamentarian Jerlesia Henderson - Ms. Junior 
Bobby Vincent - Mr. Junior 
Clarke LeGrand - Ms. Junior Attendant
Tra'Von Williams - Cheif of Communications and Promotion
Kenya Hooker - Director of Marketing and Decorations
Class Shirt Designs
Thank you!
Class Dues
Class Dues will be $70
Community Service / Class Events
Junior Executive Council
If you are interested, please let an officer know.
The most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.
$20 - SOJU
$20 - Class Events
$15 - Class Shirts
$10 - Scolarships
$5 - Lanyard
QT9 Bucket Hats
Will be sold for $10
Keep In Touch
Text @quintess to 757-215-4193
Twitter @QT9HU
Instagram @QT9HU
Knock'n Onyx Out!
Make'n all Ogres pout!
Cause its QT9 in this spot
and you know we keep it hot.
We make'em drop,
Making all the girls pop,
We make'em drop,
Making all the girls pop,

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