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Personality and Birth Order

No description

Christine Biskup

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Personality and Birth Order

In regards to intelligence and academic achievement:
studies of birth order among older children show the
first-born superior over the later-born child

The eldest children in families tend to develop higher I.Q.’s than
their siblings.

The average difference in I.Q. was slight — three points higher in
the eldest child than in the closest sibling.

The firstborn may take it upon him/herself to teach the younger siblings, thereby increasing his/her intelligence.

Enter field such as science, law and medical.

Theory- one point in their life, only child.

(Cicirelli,1967) (Carey,2007)
The youngest will often work in the humanities. A multitude of comedians are the youngest of their siblings.

Since later-born children are born to older
mothers, birth defects might be associated with higher birth order.

Cases about prodigies
Self- Reliant
Self critical

Other siblings often look up to the oldest.
The first-born is expected to set an example for younger siblings.
They feel jealous or neglected when younger siblings arrive,
no longer being the center of their parents attention.
(Teague, 2006)

Peace maker
Feels misunderstood
Thrives on friendship

They are skilled at compromise.
Adapt easily to new situations
Develop skills or talents not shared by other siblings
Usually opposite of the oldest sibling
(Teague, 2006)

Fun loving
Self centered
Loves attention
Absent minded

The youngest is “the baby”, used to getting their way
Has difficulty making decisions or taking responsibility
Feels inferior to others
(Rome, 2009)

Gaps in births of 5 years or more
Twins or multiples
Blended families
Adopted children
Handicapped or disabled siblings
Cultural bias
Limited interaction with siblings due to separation

Other influences on personality include:
(Hartshorne, 2010)

Even the variables have variables when it comes
to birth order!

They range from significant family dynamics to insignificant
the sex of the siblings
physical, mental or emotional differences- genetics count!
sibling deaths
birth order positions of the parents- they identify with the
child of the same birth order
the relationship between the parents while raising the children
the age of the parent- are they getting too old for this!
the pretty baby verses the not so pretty baby
the big strong boy verses the tiny weakling

(Leman, 1998)
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You. Cigna Behavioral Health. Retrieved from http://www.cignabehavioral
Personality and Birth Order
Christine Biskup
First Born
The second born or middle child have poorer
scores than compared to their older siblings.

In school, the middle child can be defined as more laid back and have a go with the flow attitude.

The feeling of unfairness and inequality may lead the child toward a career in fighting injustice or becoming diplomats from negotiating with siblings.

Many parents expect their oldest children to take a specific career path, leaving the middle child the opportunity to choose his or her own career path.
Middle Child
Youngest Child
First Born
Middle Child
Youngest Child
Only Child
Adult Accomplishments
Adult Accomplishments
I.Q. and Academic Achievement
In the world of politics, 56 percent of US presidents were first borns.

* The first 23 American astronauts- 21 of them were first borns, 2 of them were only children.

* Talk show hosts and newscasters tend to be first borns - Oprah, Phil Donahue, Arsenio Hall, Rosie O'Donnell. In the world of politics, 56 percent of US presidents were first borns.

* The first 23 American astronauts- 21 of them were first borns, 2 of them were only children.

* Many comedians are the youngest children; including: Eddie Murphy, Joan Rivers, Jim Carey, Billy Crystal.

* Middle children know how to succeed in the business world and include - Donald Trump, and Bill Gates .
(Leman, 2008)
Only children have similar characteristics to first born
They are used to getting undivided attention
Never had to share or overcome conflicts with siblings.
Do not take criticism well.

Retrieved from Akashic2007. (2007, June 23rd). First born and I.Q. [Video File].
(Carey, 2007)
(Cicirelli, 1967)
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