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Al Shabaab

Theresa and Mikk's terrorist group project.

Theresa Carlson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Al Shabaab

Al Shabaab Leaders:
Ali Zubeyr Godaen.
Started in 2009 to present.
Experts say that there is a group of senior leaders who guide its actions Shabaab leaders have claimed to have affiliation with al-Qaeda since 2007. Analysts say that they do not believe that Al-shabaab and al-Qaeda's organizational links are weak, however in Febuary 2008 the United States added group to list of foreign terrorists organizations. YOUTH MOVEMENT Operating area:
Somalia. Group gained control of many parts of
Southern and Central Somalia by using Guerrilla
warfare and terrorist tactics against the government. Al-Shabaab has issued statement praising Osama Bin Laden. They have also linked Somalia to al-Qaeda's global operations. Al-Shabaab receives significant donations
from the global Somali diaspora. It also raises
funds in Somalia. Enemies with Transitional Fedral Government
(TFG), Ethiopia, Amisom, Kenya, and Australia. Numbers of followers of Al-Shabaab are unknown. Al-Shabaab uses Guerilla warfare,
they have done numerous bombings, including
suicide bombings.
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