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Key to

No description

jose arre

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Key to

Demand Analysis


Biggest problems? Patients suffer from bedsores.

Definition: decubitus ulcer, also called a pressure sore or bed sore, an open wound on your skin.

Most common places for this to appear includes your hips, back, ankles, and buttocks.

Highly treatable with a proper diagnosis, but can be very difficult to treat once they've been developed.

On average, a nurse would have to turn a patient at least every two hours to prevent bedsores.
Budget: $500,000
Sales Professional: $58,789 x 3 = $176,367 (glassdoor)
Marketing Consultant: $62,451 (glassdoor)
Local TV commercials: $1000 x 50 times a year = $50,000 (smallbusiness.chron)
Billboards: 12 months x 4 billboards x $8500 = $120,000 (quora)
Brochures: $5000
Direct Mailing: $2176
Newspaper Ad: $15,600 (fitsmallbusiness)
Events: $5000
Total Costs: $436,594


Modernized beds to prevent pressure ulcers

Customizable built-in functions

Gentle materials to alleviate unwanted friction

iMobile Bed

Used for all stages of pressure ulcers

Fully adjustable to the patient’s weight

Convoluted foam base provides additional safety

Regular Foam Mattress

Used for all patients

Designed with 3 layers of foam for basic comfort.

Has no alternating pressure points.

Firm mattress

Not as affective for bed sore preventions.

200,000 to 3,000,000 cases per year
70% of pressure ulcers are in person over age 70

Second most prevalent after wrongful death litigation

Two-thirds of pressure ulcers are people over 70 years old
17-28% of nursing home patients develop pressure sores
7-8% of all paraplegics die because of them
4 stages of Pressure Ulcer

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iMobile 2015 Yearly Marketing Budget
Population (as of 2014)

California: 38, 802, 500
Los Angeles County: 3, 928, 864
Orange County: 3, 145, 515
55+ years of age (in both counties): 671, 531 (22%)
Facilities (LA and OC)

Total Residential Homes
LA: 385
OC: 75
Los Angeles County
Ararat Nursing Facility
Palos Verdes Health Care Center
Orange County
Healthbridge Children’s Hospital
La Palma Nursing Center
Our Target
Nursing Homes
Rehab Facilities
Hospice Care
Personal usage
Competitor Analysis Chart: Strengths & Weakness
Distribution Channel Analysis
Hospital beds are a competitive market, we will partner with some of the market leaders.

Stryker and Hill-Rom Corp.
Global leaders in the medical technology industry
Great assets to our company
Will help us branch our product to different health care entities/professionals

Target geographic area: California
Stryker Corporation has a service center in San Jose, Ca.
We will try to get another service center in Southern California so that the beds can be distributed to customers near it.

We are going around the barriers of entry by offering free trials, warranties and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our customers will be ensured exceptional customer service and product quality with 24 hour customer service line.

Competitors do not offer special financing options for those that qualify and we do offer interest free financing because our goal is to keep the customer satisfied and comfortable so they can focus on living a more comfortable lifestyle instead of worrying about how to pay for it.
Barriers to Entry/Differentiation
Implementation of Marketing Plan for iMOBILE
: 20 new customers per month by next year November.
: Advertise our product to hospitals, clinics, hospices, health companies, and to consumers who simply just want have the bed because it is comfortable.
: Our company will carry out the strategy of advertising by displaying various billboards around California, partner with the market leaders of hospital beds.
Jose Arreola,
Monthly measurement program:
Will measure and collect monthly data to make sure that we are achieving our objectives and marketing goals. Our objective and goals includes our sales, budget, expansion of the company, and new customers gained.

Three main metrics: marketing goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and those responsible for collecting and reporting the data.

Monthly customer surveys:
Customers can rate their experience, satisfaction, and state any complaints.
Will be helpful in finding any area of our product that needs improvement.
Helps us understand our customer's wants, needs, and concerns.

Performance Assessment
Market Leaders
Hill-Rom Holdings Inc.
Hill-Rom is a leading worldwide manufacturer and provider of medical technologies and related services for the healthcare industry, Their yearly revenue is currently around $1 - $2 billion.
The company is a producer of components and machine parts for other manufacturers, including medical equipment companies. Their yearly revenue is currently about $700 million.
Stryker Corp.
Stryker Medical offers a broad portfolio of hospital beds, support surfaces, stretchers and hospital room furniture that feature BackSmart technology — ergonomic-based design that helps to reduces the risk of caregiver injury and improve patient outcomes. Their current yearly revenue is about $9.7 billion.

Newly innovated and advanced bed
Great for:
Skilled Nursing Facilities
You can Customize the bed to your preferences

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