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The Life of Bessie Coleman

The life of the first African American woman pilot

Yanelis Nieves

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The Life of Bessie Coleman

Timeline 1917 1892 1905 1910 Q & A 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Bessie Coleman's Grave This is Bessie by her plane - Born Jan. 26th 1892 What inspired her dream? Bessie was inspired when a female visitor came to her school and told the class about her job as a pilot. Did she ever inspire anyone before
her death? Yes , she guest spoke in
every african american
school in Jacksonville , FL Bessie Coleman's Life Bessie had many things contributed
to her including a coin and stamp. This is a picture of Bessie Coleman Bessie Coleman 10 fast facts - 1st african american woman to earn a pilot's license - Temporarily worked as a laundress and a manicurist to make ends meet - Lived in a farm near the town of Waxahachie , Texas - When , Bessie was young her father left her family - In 1920 she received her pilot's license - After going to college , Bessie returned with enthusiasm , because of her accomplishment - Bessie made her first appearance on an American air show in September 3, 1922 - When she was 34 she died after being catapulted from her plane , while test flying ; April 30, 1926 died 1926 - born 1892 = 34 years of life In 1917, Bessie got married to a man named Claude. It was more like a friendship than a marriage. In fact , they never lived together , so they clearly SCROLLED away from one another. Graduated flight school on Oct. 29th Bessie had her 1st crash which took 3 months to recover from. Bessie was Buried in Lincoln Cemetary After 3 Funerals on May 7th 1926 Born on Jan. 26th Died on April 30th 1901 Her father George left her family on Apr. 17th On Dec. 27th , Bessie finished all 8 grades and began working for money , hoping to one day go to college Oct. 21st she took all her work money and went to college in Oklahoma She married a man named Claude Glenn on Sep. 16 Bess sailed to France and enrolled in flight school on Nov. 10th 1920 1921 1923 1926 Work Cited Page timetoast.com/timelines/bessie-coleman-life , Print , March 7th , 2013 Internet Sources worldbook.com/bessiecoleman , Print , March 7th , 2013 Reading Sources Hart S. , Phillip. Bessie Coleman. Lerner Publications, 2005. Print. March 7th , 2013 the arrow points to Jacksonville Photo The End by Yanelis Nieves
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