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Dissemination of Voice of Customer

No description

alexandra rapert

on 29 July 2016

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Transcript of Dissemination of Voice of Customer

To disseminate VOC information throughout
the company that best leverages
the accumulated data.
These were some of the common themes and quotes from the interviews
- C.H. Robinson employees at all levels feel
VOC information would positively benefit the company.

-More knowledgeable
-Why we won/lost
-Where we can improve
-Moving away from C.H. Robinson positives

Dissemination of Voice of Customer
WCIP Intern Group
Detour: Awareness of VOC
Application: Solution Design
Key points
Key Points Of VOc Dissemination
What we did

To learn the best way to approach the internal dissemination process we interviewed C.H.Robinson employees

-Regional Director
-General Managers
During the process we learned there is a lack of awareness that C.H. Robinson has VOC programs.
-Current VOC information collected
- Raw Feedback from customer
- Wins/Losses
- How we match up with competition
- What customers in certain industries look for
- What customers of certain modes look for
- Common pain points within segments

- Quarterly/Monthly e-mail
- Quarterly Meetings with Leadership on
how to apply data
- MarketScape
-Voice-of-customer version of Worknet

Entire company can benefit from having VOC
information but there some key points to make it successful.

- Create a strategy
- Leadership support
- Make information relevant and usable

The Team
Three-Fold Plan:
Repeated trends and opinions from C.H. Robinson employees on ways to disseminate VOC information.

- Data that can be used for solutions
- Regulated impactful e-mail
- Archived database for articles and videos
- Customer information relevant to local office
- Information relevant to job family
VOC Database
Quarterly Meeting
with Leadership
Bonnie Parris

Project Manager
Sales Intern
University of North Texas
Paige Crowley
Sales Intern
University of North Texas
Avery Logan
Lead Visual Design
Sales Intern
University of North Texas
Alex Rapert
Design Team/Coordinator
Sales Intern
University of North Texas
Sarah Hinkle-Morrison
Design Team/External Research
Sales Intern
University of North Texas
John Menkin
The Team
Stevi Holland
Research Team
Sales Intern
University of North Texas
Research Team
Sales Intern
University of North Texas
Research Team
Account Management Intern
University of North Texas
Mariana Montana
Will Davis
Research Team
Sales Intern
University of North Texas
V-Level: 4
Region Directors: 2
General Managers: 3
Customer-Facing: 11
Presentation outline
VOC Definition
The data that defines or
describes customer needs, expectations and the
customer environment.
Speaker: Paige Crowley
Speaker: Bonnie Parris
Speaker: Will Davis
Speaker: Stevi Holland
Speaker: Alex Rapert
Speaker: Mariana Montana
What We Did
Before focusing on internal data we did research on external VOC and how other companies were best leveraging their VOC.
Speaker: Sarah Hinkle-Morrison
-The mo's money intern group
Speaker: Avery Logan
Speaker: Avery Logan
Speaker: Bonnie Parris
Speaker: John Menkin
Thanks for watching!

Names of Interviewees were kept anonymous to allow open and raw opinions
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