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Additive & Subtractive Monotypes

No description

Jessica Stuver

on 3 August 2016

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Transcript of Additive & Subtractive Monotypes

Additive &

Additive & Subtractive Monotype
the creation of a unique print through the adding or removal of ink on a surface
brush ink or draw on a clear surface, similar to how you would add paint to a painting
remove ink from an inked surface using brushes, paper towels, Q-tips, etc.
monotypes of this nature must be press printed in order to receive enough pressure

before printing, the artist may lay down different textured pieces; they will show up on the final print, blocking areas out
Essential Questions
1. How can value be used in order to create interesting and expressive artworks?

2. How do additive/subtractive monotypes differ from trace monotypes? How are they similar?
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