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Kharkiv non-governmental association

No description

Kateryna Nefidova

on 26 December 2014

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Transcript of Kharkiv non-governmental association

Our aims:

To promote international mobility among youngsters;
To promote citizens’ active participation in the civil society;

To foster personal improvement and social inclusion between young people;
Our contacts:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NGO-Stella/1481961532016582
to build more tolerant, understanding and
accepting society in Ukraine.
Board members:

Kharkiv non-governmental association
for active youth “Stella”

Tomenko Iryna,
Kateryna Nefidova, Vice-president
VK: http://vk.com/club74617608
http://www.ngo-stella.org coming soon ;)
E-mail: info@ngo-stella.org
Viktoriia Ivanova
Kharkiv non-governmental association for active youth “Stella”
is a youth non-profit organization of Ukrainian active young people, students, volunteers and alumni of international exchange programs.
The main
of NGO Stella is to
promote youth development in Ukraine
and to foster active participation
of its citizens in civil society.
To spread such vakues as volunteering and social inclusion, raising community's awareness about the Europe and intercultural dialogue;

Spreading the ideas of tolerance, cultural diversity, anti discremination
We have been partners in youth exchanges and training courses under ERASMUS+ with other NGOs and sent participants from Ukraine abroad. Here are some of them.
The youth exchange
"Be Enterprenuer'
was released in September in
. BEE's objectives were: developing business skills (organizational, time management) and professional knowledge (economic, tax, legal, marketing). The main goal - to encourage the faith and commitment for entrepreneur lifestyle.
In the middle of September took place
the Active Outdoor Youth Training
in beautiful
. Its main aims were to improve the quality of youth work and youth work methodologies for youth workers, which are working with unemployed youngsters and promote outdoor activities, fostering young people’s healthy lifestyles, and bringing young people closer to nature.
The youth exchange
"Think outside the box"
gathered young people from all the Europe in
. All the participants had a chance to learn more about how to form a community that supports short food chains, healthy lifestyle and environmentaly conscious eating habits, as the idea of buying products from the local growers.

In December took place a Training Course called "PRISMA" in the capital city of Romania, Bucharest. This TC brought together youth workers from 12 countries. The main aim was to gather members of different organizations to make up new partnerships and to improve project management skills.
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