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Gravity Falls

gravity falls on disney channel

Kathy Tran

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Gravity Falls

Dipper Pines One part curious, Two parts dreamer Dipper is mature. Together him and his sister will uncover all the gravity town secrets creature at a time. Mabel Pines One part dreamer, Two parts care-free Mabel is all sparkle. Along with here brother they both can uncover anything. Now that you know both of them... Dipper Pines One part curious, Two parts believer Dipper Pines is mature. With the help of his sister they can uncover every mystery one creature at a time. Soos The mystery shack man child Soos is a worker at the mystery shack. He tries to stay loyal in his job. Though he can be a great help uncovering mysteries. Wendy Corduroy Rule breaker,Dipper's dream girl Just like Soos she works at The Mystery Shack. Unlike him she is a rule breaker. She also is Dipper's dream girl. Great Uncle Stan Great Uncle... Stan is the owner of the Mystery Shack. He is also Mabel and Dipper's great great uncle. Not many this are known about him making him very sneaky. THE END!
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