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Prezi for Prezi

No description

Jiwoo Han

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Prezi for Prezi

Prezi for Prezi:
Guide to Making a "Good" Prezi

Prezi by Jiwoo Han
A "Good" Prezi
Choosing Effective Visuals
So.....What's the point??
Major Categories
Cause & Effect
Definition/ Analysis
Cause and Effect
Components of a "Good" Prezi
Beginning Slide: Introduction
Middle Slides: Body Paragraphs
Ending Slide: Conclusion
Form Fit Function- Match the format with your contents!!
Prepared Template vs Self-made Template
Prepared Templates
Self-made Templates
Choosing Appropriate Themes
Smooth flow
Effective visuals
Clear Connections between contents
Good Development
Steps of Making a "Good" Prezi
1. Outlining
2. Choosing appropriate visuals
3. Developing & Writing the contents

Good Visuals: 'Do's and 'Don't's
Outer Contents: Pictures, Videos, Hyperlinks, and excerpts
Organize the main ideas into Major Categories
Organize the components of the main ideas into subcategories
Organize the components of the components of the main ideas into sub-subcategories

Is it distracting?
Is it necessary?
Does it make sense?
Eliminating the distractions
Content is what really matters. Don't let your visuals steal the focus.
Make words legible
Clear, to-the-point texts
Larger fonts
Correct Color
Avoid over-use of graphics
Frames: Circular vs. Rectangular
Transitions- Signal Slides
Title Slide: Cover/ TOC
Clear view of overall development of the content
Legible and creative title
Brief overview of the presentation
"Hook" to the presentation
The main ideas of your content
Must be organized by "big" ideas
Must not contain tiny details
Components that builds up the main ideas
Subcategories may have subcategories within
What should I use????
-Use the prepared templates when......
You feel doubtful about your artistic senses
You don't have time to make your own
-Make your own templates when......
You wish to be creative
You cannot find anything that fits your contents among the prepared templates
3 Factors determining an appropriate theme for your prezi:
1) Formal vs. Informal
2) Audience
3) Content (form-fit function)
Over-use the graphics
Use inappropriate images
Use random images
Add too much visual effects to the point where the audience feel nauseous.
Excessively use prominent colors: red is NOT rad!!!!
Keep things as simple as possible
Give the sense of unity to the slides of your prezi
Have the common theme amongst the slides
Add in visuals that will help the understanding of the content
For your introduction slides, make sure that it:
prepares your audience enough
throws the question that your audience should be keeping in mind through out the presentation.
Proper entertainment: Engaging your audiences
List of "Don't" s
Prepared templates are useful when you're not confident with your artistic senses or you're on your last minute and you have not done anything yet. However, they are not the best option because:
They are commonly used (they are not unique)
It is not guaranteed that you would find a template that fits your content
They can often be lame
Self made templates are creative if you make them with decent artistic skills, and it will make your prezi stand out and unique. Also, you will be able to determine if they fit your content or not. However, making a self template can be stressful because:
It may seem boring
You have to determine what to do in terms of what the overall view would look like or how the frames will be placed.
It can be challenging
Signal slides help to build relations between slides. They should be in forms of question or a transitional word/phrase.

How is it supposed to be done?
So, in other words...
Let's start with...
Moving on to...
However, the real matter is...
Circular Frames
The pros of circular frames are that they:
Can be visually appealing
Give stronger sense of unity to the content(good for sophisticated subject)
However, they are also:
Space consuming (needs support of invisible frames)
Ask the "question" in circular frames
Rectangular Frames
Pros of using a rectangular frame is that that they:
Are very roomy (however, it also means that you need to use your space wisely)
Are rather fitting for simple contents
However, they also have disadvantages because:
They are visually less appealing
They have weaker sense of unity(depending on how they are used)
Answer the "question" with Rectangular frames
One of the benefits of using a prezi is that it is able to smoothly weave in external content within itself. However, when you are using an external content(videos, hyperlinks, ect), you need to make sure that:
It makes sense
It is NOT random(Ex: )

It is NOT the major focus of the prezi (they should only serve the role as HELPERS!!)
As you go on with your prezi/presentation,
you must remember to keep your audiences engaged by leading them to:
debate on questions
share opinions
read aloud certain parts of the prezi
participate in an activity

Conclusion slides do not always serve the same role. They may:
Answer the question asked in the beginning
Recap the entire presentation
Offer possible solutions to the conflict presented
Explain why it matters
Be offensive
Be distracted
Provide distraction to your audience
Be unorganized
Be too informal
Focus too much on tiny and unnecessary details
You may use the information in this prezi to:
Overcome their prezi-phobia
Use prezi effectively to show off your intelligence
Be paid all the respect that you deserve for widening the insights and knowledge of your audience
Enjoy your SHOWTIME!!
Anyone??? (I will ask YOU questions if I get none.)
Debate: What is a "good" prezi?
Where you ACTUALLY elaborate on your content
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