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The Five I's of Romanticism

No description

Sydney Zirbel

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of The Five I's of Romanticism

These pictures shows representation for America and freedom which can be a value making it idealism.

Idealism: Values and concepts that people support.
Imagination: When you have new creative ideas that do not exist.

The image displays The oddity and ideas of this person. But it is not real.
This picture shows intuition because instincts and emotion win out against reason and logic.

Intuition: when in a situation you make decisions off of emotion and instincts not reason and logic.
This demonstrates the enjoyment of nature during the Romanticism time period.

Inspiration can turn into idealism because you would value the principle.

Inspiration: Something that specifically intriguing to certain people that gives them the want to take action in some way.
By: Sydney Zirbel
The Five I's of Romanticism
Imagination Thesis
Inspiration Thesis
Intuition Thesis
Idealism Thesis
The picture shows intuition because it represents emotion against reason, it is clear that emotion wins out, and that is the Romanticism style.
The picture represents idealism because it shows the value which is America, it shows the values it represents, and the concepts which it was founded on making it idealism.
This picture demonstrates inspiration because of the idea that you can make new ideas off of it, it is special and valued, and it is unique.
The picture represents imagination because it is made up, not physically possible as a living thing, and was created by the human mind.
Romanticism Five I's
The five I's of romanticism are imagination, intuition, individuality, idealism, and inspiration. This is the values and lifestyle of a Romantic and was the essence of the time period. Art, music, and literature was inspired by these concepts as they are influencing life today in the modern world as well. Next you will see some examples of romantic style art and then the five I's.
Art Information
The first picture is The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse in 1888. This picture show natural light shining in, displays emotion, and has the medieval quilt; all the perfect features for a romantic piece of art.

The second picture is called The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli in 1789. While not in the Romantic time period (1800-1899) it did display the features necessary for a great romantic piece of art. What would be a shock for someone who didn't know much about the romantic time period and style this painting displays bad emotions, still emotions just bad ones. The painting shows fear mostly. Most people (I know my class did) think that the romantic period is all lovey dovey when it is just a display of emotion.
One marker stands out and is different from the rest.

Individuality: When something is unique and different from the rest.
Individuality Thesis
The picture shows individuality because the one marker stands out, it is different from the others, and unique.
My Pictures
These fallowing pictures I took at Town Hall Art Gallery. They have brought forth Romanticism ideas of nature and natural light.
Romanticism Five I's
Now for what this prezi is really about. The five I's of romanticism. All the pictures after this I have taken myself in Mrs. Mendrala's classroom. Each slide will include an image, then a definition, explanation. On the fallowing slide there will be a thesis. Now here we go.
Thank you for watching!
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