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Life of Ansam Al-Taiff

Amazing-ness isn't enough to describe.

Ansam Al-taiff

on 17 September 2018

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Transcript of Life of Ansam Al-Taiff

I am anime's biggest fan. I live, eat and sleep as an anime geek. Manga's awesome too but because of its lack of colour, it would also have a lack of graphical suspense and detail. The word for what I would be classified as in Japanese is Otaku (literally a geek with an obsession).
The information about to be disclosed is to be shown to YOU and ONLY YOU. For viewer safety, it is advised to not let anything shown on this presentation to leave the room. The ATAMO (Ansam Al-Taiff Anime and Manga Oraganisation) thanks you for your discretion.
Step 1: Me
Date of Birth:
28 October 2001
Star Sign:
Chinese Year of Birth:
Languages of understanding:
Backgrounds (that I am sure of):
Year of the Snake
Persian, Arabic, English, Japanese
Australia (Sydney)
Iraq (Karbala)
New Zealand (Native - Maori)
Tahiti (Native - French Polynesian Island)
Arabia (Mecca and Medina)
The Mirror
Anime Characters
Book Characters
Step 2: Family
Oldest Brother:
Sister (younger/only):
Younger Brother:
Youngest Brother:
Favourite Colour:
Step 3: Anime and Manga
Step 4: Books
Step 5: Education
Step 8: My Name
According to the Urban Dictionary:
"A beautiful woman who goes the extra mile to make you happy. She is the prettiest, most angelic, most caring, and most loving girl you will ever meet in your life. Her eyes will radiate with intelligence, and her heart beats with passion. If you get her, be sure to hold on to her because she is unique. I sometimes think that she fell from heaven. If you are reading this, you are so lucky to have her as a lover, friend, sister or wife. . . Her name literally means 'breezes' in Arabic."
Step 9: Social Life
Thank God that I have the best friends that anyone could ever wish for. I am also grateful for being able to interact with all of the 9G1 as friends or acquaintances. Despite my earlier 'speech', I still personally think that my social life limits to just my friends. As a reference to my previous mention of my obsession with anime and manga, I think that is what may be holding me back from the world. However, I am still and obsessed geek (Otaku) and proud of it. Never will I let anything change me from that. Social awkwardness shall forever be my forte.
Ansam Al-Taiff's Life in a Nutshell
My Favourite Books:
The Silver Sword
Throne of Glass Series
The Book Thief
The Mortal Instruments
The Infernal Devices
The Hunger Games Series
The White Rabbit Chronicles
The Ivory Rose
My Royal Story: Elizabeth
Battle of the Jade Horses
That IS me and that IS a Star Wars blanket.
And I AM hugging Winnie the Pooh while sleeping.
I made this
None. Absolutely NONE.
I am stupid.
Re: Step 5: Education

Al Zahra College (k-1)
Bellfield College (2/3)
Al Zahra College (4-6)
Al Noori Muslim School (7-9)
The past 3 years in Al Noori High School
My past three years in high school are what I would call the highlights of my life so far. I have met so many people in such little time, made so many friends in which their value is incomparable, and learnt so many things that if compared to Einstein's knowledge it would undoubtedly fall short. I have gained actual social skills and maybe matured a little.
Step 10: 5 Years Later
In five years time there are multiple things that I would like to have happened. So far in my mind there are a few scenarios:
I have a strong craving for any part of the military, but studying in medicine is just as interesting. If I make it into Auckland University, I hope to be able to study there for a few years with my cousin; especially since I have more medical relatives in that country. If I make it into Sydney University or Western Sydney, I would look forward to studying with my friends and family.
Step 6: School Benefits
School is probably the most life changing event to ever happen to me. In this phase of my life I discovered books, friends, teachers, A LIFE!
Honestly, the benefits I found in school were groundbreakingly necessary, and I am baffled by how I survived without them. I discovered my uncanny interactions with the library and my new social skills, because I am sure we are all aware that we are often given group projects and assignments, forcefully socialising us. I can learn so many fascinating things from my teachers, not just from their curriculum teaching but, from their behaviour and levels of strict-ness. I benefited from this in a form that even I was surprised with: I grew up. I learnt the elements of demonstrating things to others in a way they would understand. I learnt the value of good behaviour and what NOT to follow when it comes to life skills. In the end, school has really pushed me into the 'wild unknown' and exposed to so many new and vital experiences
Step 7: SUCCESS!
The following is a Ten Step
guide in order to know
Ansam Al-Taiff

Select one success you have had during your three years at school. Describe the project, success or task and explain why you succeeded at it.
The answer is as easy as spelling my name. Friends. I have succeeded in making TRUE FRIENDS. I know in some of the other points I have mentioned friends and their worth, but here is where I can truly describe why I have succeeded in making true friends. It is not because of any qualities that I may or claim to have, it is because of THEM that I have had the privilege of building my life the right way. Their leadership qualities, loving nature, logical thinking and teaming skills is what brought US together. So to answer the question: I have succeeded in making true friends because I went through the unfortunate events of meeting fake people and now, Alhamdulillah, I have found what it means to have people who don't care what you look like, don't care if you are related to them or not, people who don't care about your IQ. I have found friends who care about what is in the heart. That is the meaning of true friends.
All images are either certified ownerships of Google, Pinterest or my own property and photography.
Shiham Abbas Al-Taiff
~3 months
Mikram Abbas Al-Taiff
9 years old- Year 3
Ansam Abbas Al-Taiff
14 years old- Year 9
Second Oldest Brother:
Masumeh Shabnam Derhamy Al-Taiff
40 years old- University
Imam Abbas Al-Taiff
17 years old- Year 12
Maram Abbas Al-Taiff
10 years old- Year 4
Humam Abbas Al-Taiff
15 years old- Year 10
Dr Abbas Ridha Murtadha Al-Taiff
50 years- Doctor
Also credit to HUMAM AL-TAIFF for lending me his audio of SAO- track name: Smile for me.
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