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The Holistic Model

A description on the Holistic Model pilot process was planned and implemented

Mike Bill

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of The Holistic Model

The Ministry of Education's ICT Integration team partners with VVOB to create a team tasked with the responsibility of developing a Holistic Model for ICT Integration in Kenya's Secondary Schools
Ideas. Previous Experiences. Benchmarking
The team got to work, bringing together all their experiences from previous ICT Integration initiatives, lessons learnt from benchmarking and aligning with the Ministry's view of ICT integration in education
The proposal
The team made a presentation to the ICT integration team detailing their proposal
Revision of the model, stakeholder consultation and identification of participating schools
Contacting and visiting participating schools to determine suitability
Meeting School Management
A meeting featuring school management, district education office representatives from the same district as each school, the Ministry of Education and VVOB was organised to brief all stakeholders on the impending process.
School level sensitization workshops
Workshops were held in each school to brief the school community on the impending process and to get them to identify their roles.

Each school was encouraged to form a school
ICT Integration Team
Workshop with Dr. Jo Tondeur (Ghent University)
Dr. Jo Tondeur worked with representatives of the various newly formed School ICT Integration Teams. The workshop focused on development of School ICT policies and identification of potential avenues to integrate ICTs in school.
Training of
members of school ICT Integration Teams in Nairobi to build their capacity in making decisions for the school. The main focus was preparation of the teams to write a draft
School ICT Integration Strategy
Belgium Visit
A select group of teachers visited educational institutions in Belgium to undertake benchmarking and to see how ICT Integration is done in other parts of the world.
More Learning & Development...
School ICT Integration Teams take stock of training they have been receiving, visit other schools for benchmarking, exchange ideas and brainstorm on how best to move forward.
Planning for
ICT Infrastructure
Schools make detailed descriptions of the equipment they would like to take delivery of with the budget available to them
(14,500 Euro ~ Ksh 1.5 million)

All plans as per the school ICT Integration Strategy.
Supplier identification
Schools undertake a process of identifying suppliers to work with while taking into account all the Government procurement procedures.

This process was designed to be in line with what a school would have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.
Delivery and installation of equipment
Equipment is delivered and installed in the schools. The project suffers a major hiccup; a countrywide teachers' strike grinds everything to a halt for four weeks. Schools unable to take delivery of equipment for a long time and progress is slow.
Schools start using equipment
The initial plan was to follow-up delivery of equipment with training on how to create ICT integrated lessons.

That was not possible because of the disrupted school calendar. Nevertheless it was good to observe teachers using ICTs with no training.
HOLIDAY. Preparation for training in the new year >>>
Training: Development of ICT Integrated Lessons
5-day workshops were held in each school for ALL teachers to build their capacity in development of ICT Integrated lessons.

The teachers were encouraged to develop lessons that factor in 21st century skills, are more student centered and cover the national goals of education

Teachers worked in
Teacher Design Teams
Teachers try it out
2nd Teacher Training
Teachers worked in their design teams to create lessons.

Focus of training:
Management of ICT Integrated lessons
What next ....?
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