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Innovations Project: THMC and Bakers Delight

Final presentation for the innovations project 2010

David Burke

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Innovations Project: THMC and Bakers Delight

"Mentee" block POV camera
technology Workplace delivery model The start 2010 The teachers involved Support for student Student
admin Flexible assessment options Student support E-portfolio's Online class rooms New Learning management system Fresh interest from industry in workplace delivery Bakery apprentices training on the job increase from 0 to 20 Workplace delivery receives increased interest across programs in our centre There is wide ranging support for use of visual evidence to record students works Delivering assessment straight to the workplace Using technology to assess securely and authentically Recording evidence as well as providing ways for students and supervisors to collect their own Recordings classes and running online support sessions. Multi format communication Resources online to improve access and equity Using forums to facilitate teacher and peer support networks Providing templates for supervisors to record a range of evidence in the workplace Providing information on how competency can be expressed by students, to empower supervisors in the role of Mentee Students will see records of their workplace visits, and what was assessed or discussed at each one Students will see course outlines, and can book in for practical assessment, re-enrolment, one to one support and find number for the other services we have for students. Visits can be used to run support sessions for students and supervisors Workplace delivery model
for theory subjects
in Bakery An innovation project funded by the Australian Flexible learning framework and CIT Supervisor support The Future Darrell Morton Ben
Hoitink Dammika
Hatharasinghe David Burke Photos Video Evidence Moblog's Photo stories Mobile learning Used for storing lesson content and delivering to distance learners There are still many technology option that can be explored, our model aims to include them as they become available Providing content and activities in formats that are mobile device friendly Tools that are used to agregate a range of evidence for training and employment purposes Inducting workplace supervisors into active training and monitoring roles within the LMS Recording progress and process so the student knows where they're up to, always Communication Engagement Relevance The model was developed with the following themes for focus Workplace visits Technology help maximise the purpose of these visits
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