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Apple Samsung

No description

Jacob Boe

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Apple Samsung

By: Liam & Jacob Apple - Samsung USA - South Korea 's Culture Visible culture elements: Is Apple/Samsung influenced by their culture or their industry? Radical cultural differences between the US and South Korea
Featured in the media to a great extent
In depth information is readily available to back up our analysis.

Liam = owns a Samsung phone
Jacob = owns an Apple iPhone Why did we chose this: Jacob on Apple: "The groundbreaking culture of Apple is extremely interesting" Do we want to work in Apple?
Or Samsung? Comparison between South Korea and the US culture: 's Culture Negotiation Caveats for South Koreans Group orientated
Relationships based on respect and trust
Maintaining harmony
Language: Korean
Meetings may include periods of silence
Local intermediary
Schedule the meeting three to four weeks in advance
Enter the meeting room in hierarchical order
Exchange business cards
"Breaking the ice"
Shake hands with a slight nod
Safety is vital Consumer Electronics Industry Culture:

Attitudes to foreign investors
Conflicting states
Laws and regulations
Export-Import Policies
New markets
Currency fall
Change in demographics
Change in Wants and Needs
Music industry increasing
Greener world Trompeenar's Cultural Dimensions

Achievement "Follow the Leader"
Monitor the Message
Think differently
Play the risks
Build on key skills
Team spirit Business relationships
‘Saving face’ not important
Honesty, expertise and communication skills.
Loud voice
Raising issues are considered negative
Silence is rare
Scheduling meetings in advance is required
Exchange of business cards
Small talk
Competitive negotiation style
Short time for Negotiations
Risk takers Negotiation Caveats for Americans Never stop or give up
Continuous training
New Product Development
Customer services 48 h/week
In store = blue/black Apple t-shirt + black trousers
Simple, elegant, modern offices
Problem free working environment
"Can We Talk"
Secret working environment
Directly Responsible Individual (DRI)
Work = Privilege
Flat organizational structure 36h/week
In store = blue Samsung polo
Continuous employee training
More flexible working hours and dress codes
Simple designed desks and cubicles
Encourage to takes risks "Fast follower"
Simple business philosophy
Rigorous code of conduct
Program for women
Rapid manufacturing and discipline
Top level decision making
Short product life cycle
Hierarchical organizational structure
New Focus on Creativity - SamsApple Invisible culture elements:
Dell Inc. Fujitsu Limited
Hewlett-Packard Company IBM Corporation
Sony Corporation Google Inc
Toshiba Corporation Research In Motion Limited
Nokia Corporation Microsoft Corporation
Acer Inc LG Electronics, Inc.
Oracle Corporation Liam on Samsung: "Samsung's changing culture makes working for Samsung an interesting future prospect" Technological
New technology
Technology in Production
Impact on Environment
Environmental focus
Patents - Apple/Samsung Battle
Codes of conduct
Trademarks PESTEL Analysis: Main Competitors: Invisible culture elements:
Ascription USA South Korea "There's a basic principle about consumer electronics: it gets more powerful all the time and it gets cheaper all the time. that's true of all types of consumer electronics." Weekly "unprofessional" meetings
Action list
Onsite Perks
Apple’s radical Management
Hell vs Heaven
Decisions made by leaders Onsite Perks (child care, cafes etc.)
Stimulating environment
Small talk
Top down
Speed and Efficiency Trip Hawkins (Ex Apple Employee) No women in senior vice presidents position
Employee benefits and perks
High standards of ethical conduct.
Emphasize on environmental issues
Safe and healthy workplaces
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