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Campbell Summerfield

on 30 March 2010

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Transcript of Ski

Adolf Hitler Leadership Cons Pros Good Public Speaker
Charismatic Surrounded himself with intelligent people. He got all of Germany to follow him Hoering, Himmler, Albert Shpier, Guderian, Manstein... Were just a few people who could lead and were skillfull organizers in their respected areas. When he was ridiculing the GWP , its organizer Aniion Drex;er, was so impressed by Hitler's speaking ability, that he asked him to join their organization. He left his "ruling" to other people He used to many priceless resources to kill the Jews He didnt listen to his advisors. He gave power to people not worthy of it. Many of the resources meant to fund the war, went to the consentration camps. He wouldn't listen to the intelligence reports. The economic boom, made all of Germany want to look up to someone, and Hitler took advantage of it He was known for his public speaking, he gave extraordinary speeches that changed people's thoughts beliefs and morals. He was looked upon as the greath German leader, and most of that was because of his ability to speak, it made people follow him, anf literally do anything for him. Germany was looking for a leader and he was happy to oblidge. The econimic boom, is where he made most of his followers, and where he pretty much began... Adolf Hitler Campbell Summerfield Eric Suminski After Hitler came to power,
he continuosly would defy the League of Nations.
He intimidated them, even though he was in
control of a weak nation www.youtube.com



Adolf Hitler Not only did he intimidate the League,
but he commanded the respect of his own
people as well. They loyally followed HItler until his death on April 30, 1945
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