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Ashleigh Duzan

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of UNICEF

Ajalin Zenon
Ashleigh Duzan
Diamond Yarbrough
Melanie Smith
Molly Bagget

Feature Story
To gain more media exposure and draw in potential donors and volunteers, we wrote a feature story that highlights UNICEF's concept development used to create groundbreaking wearable technology prototypes that will better women and children's health in remote areas across the globe.
Fundraising Letter
The problem: Millions of children live in poverty and 22,000 per day die
What can you do: Donate to UNICEF USA at the screening and promote the cause after
The goal: Raise $2,500 to help children in poverty
Newsletters are a great way to keep our stakeholders interested and involved. The main theme of this Newsletter was vaccinations. Keeping a theme maintains focus and effectiveness. At UNICEF, child health is vital. In many countries the children are already deprived of life's basics, such as clean water and proper nutrition. So this newsletter highlights a need, and then closes out bringing attention to our fundraiser. So after educating the audience, we ask them to help us.
Media Alert
Fact Sheet
According to unicefusa.org, there are many ways to contribute to their efforts. One of which is to host a film screening of an important global issue. In our media alert, we decided to host a fundraiser/awareness night by showing "The Good Lie," featuring Reese Witherspoon. We thought a movie with a celebrity would draw in more people, especially because she would be making an appearance. The film is inspired by a true story, that follows the lives of "The Lost Boys," children orphaned by the brutal civil war in South Sudan that began in 1983. It forced the children to travel thousands of miles on foot in search of safety. Since 1965, UNICEF has played an integral role in the survival, protection, and development of Sudan and South Sudan's children, which is why this film is fitting for the event.
The Good Lie Trailer
Using Features to Achieve Organization Objectives
What Makes the Story A Feature Story?
While the announcement of a new product is considered "news," highlighting the innovators, development strategies and benefits provided by the product make it a feature story.
Is the Topic Interesting to a Particular Audience?
Bringing innovative technology to remote areas of third world countries is a topic that will catch almost any readers attention. Additionally, audiences that advocate for improving the well being and standard of living in underprivileged communities will be engaged with the story and identify UNICEF as a global problem solver.
provides quick reference information for journalist
Our fact sheet lists UNICEF'S goals and background information
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is a non-profit humanitarian organization that works in over 190 countries and territories to protect the world’s children by providing health care, access to clean water, sanitation services, basic education and emergency relief
UNICEF was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1946, to provide emergency food and healthcare to children in countries devastated by World War II.
• In 1950, UNICEF expanded its mandate to protect women and children in developing countries everywhere and became a permanent part of the United Nations System in 1953
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