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Effective communication through emails

No description

Olga Chursina

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Effective communication through emails

from my work experience... Effective emails? Good Structure
Clear Purpose
Correct Style
PS, Attachments Keep Good Structure Very Formal / Frozen
Very Informal / Casual
Select Correct Style Cosmetic things
Font style, size, color, etc.
Paragraph / Sentence breaks

Grammar & punctuation

Don't use abbr. if it's possible or describe what you mean at first
Other important things... It's really simple! 3 KEY factors of success Summary (tips) Keep in mind your Clear Purpose Request for Information or Give Information
Make Arrangements or Meeting Follow-Up
Complaint or Apology
Thank you
Cover Letter
Introducing a New Person
Effective emails? Body State your purpose
Explain what you want to happen or explain the information you have
Request for action, conclusion or thank you words to the reader + small (but important) BONUS Take time to plan the message.
Keep it plain and simple.
Stick to one or two subjects in your letter.
Share your purpose in the first sentence or two.
Make sure that your request for action is clear.
Eliminate all unnecessary and specific words.
Be careful when sending material that may be sensitive or confidential.
Use a positive tone and good looking style increase the likelihood of a positive response.
Proofread the message before sending it.
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