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εισαγγελείς από κρατη μελη ευρωπαικου δικτυου δικαστικης επιμορφωσης

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Cyber Crime Division

on 28 November 2018

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Transcript of εισαγγελείς από κρατη μελη ευρωπαικου δικτυου δικαστικης επιμορφωσης

Online Child Sexual Exploitation
Grooming, sexting, cyber-bullying
Online sextortion(money-physical harm)
Sexual coercion (photos and videos upon demand-request)
Live Streaming of Sexual Abuse

P2P networks (Edonkey/Gnutella)
Online Forums (Darknet,TOR)
Social networks & Chat rooms
Any kind of communication programme (Skype, Viber, Kik )
Online games (kerkoporta-backdoor)

Effective prevention
investigation of cybercrime

E.U. Cybersecurity Strategy
Five priority areas
Training & Research
Thank You!
governor of a ship (captain)

Antikythera mechanism
Cyber Crime Division
Cases' complexity
Number of cases
2004: Unit
2011: Subvision
15/03/2015: Division
Unit of Administrative Support and Information Management
Unit of Innovative Actions and Strategy
Unit of Electronic and Telephone Communication Security & Protection of Software and Intellectual Property Rights
Unit of Minors Internet Protection and Digital Investigation
Unit of Special Cases and Internet Economic Crimes Prosecution
01/09/2015: Subdivision in Northen Greece
Constitution 1975/1986/2001/2008
Penal code (2011/93/EC & 2013/40/EC)
Confidentiality of communications (19 CONSTITUNIONAL LAW -Law 2225/1994)
Protection of personal data ( 1996/45/EC -Law 2472/1997)
Data retention (2006/24/EC - Law 3917/2011)
Digital Signatures (1999/93/EC - P.D. 150/2001)
E-commerce (2000/31/EC - P.D. 131/2003)
Electronic Governance (Law 3979/2011)
Standardization (Law 4468/2017)

Legislation of the E.U.
Convention on Cybercrime (Budapest)
Directive on attacks against information systems
Directive on combating the sexual exploitation of children online and child pornography
General data protection regulation
Directive on NIS
POLICE Directive

Achieving cyber resilience
Drastically reducing cybercrime
Developing cyber defence policy and capabilities related to the EU's common security and defence policy (CSDP)
Developing the industrial and technological resources for cyber security
Establishing a coherent international cyberspace policy for the EU

Judicial authorities
Other Divisions of the Hellenic Police
International Police Cooperation Division
Forensics Division
Intelligence Division
Financial Police Division
Local police authorities
National Intelligence Service – National CERT

Independent authorities
Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission
Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy
Hellenic Data Protection Authority
Gaming Commission
Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Financial institutions & private sector

European Union & Third countries
EUROPOL & European Cybercrime Centre (EC3)

EUROPOL & European Cybercrime Centre (EC3)
Public presentations
with schools from all over Greece
Awareness Raising Campaigns
application for portable devices
Safer Internet Day
An informative website www.cyberkid.gr was created in order to inform parents and children about the internet safety.
Except this, children can find many educative games and play online in a secure environment.
An innovative application for smartphones and tablets was created in order to inform citizens on daily basis about new threats and measures of protection. Additionally, the application allows citizens to directly contact the Hellenic Cyber Crime Division, in case of emergency by using only one “red” button, the “Cyberalert”.
"CyberAlert" campaign aims at more advance Internet users and businesses
Direct and interactive information for citizens about new risks and trends in cybercrime.
"FeelSafe" app was developed available for smartphones and tablets and is available free of charge on App store and Google play (press releases are not yet included in English).
Social Media

Money mules
Mobile malware
Say no!

Europol Campaigns


Crimes investigated
Money Laundering
Child Sexual Exploitation Online
Violation of personal data legislation
Illegal access to computer systems
Tax evasion
Offences against privacy of telecommunications
Violation of intellectual property legislation
Online gambling
and more...
Statistical data for the A' semester of 2018
prosecutor's orders - New cases : 27% increase

future trends
Deep web & Virtual currencies
Cybercrime: emerging trends
Portable devices targeted
Internet of everything
New types of malware
Child Sexual Exploitation - LIVE streaming

prosecutor's orders - New cases in 2017 : 3120

Informative lectures and workshops are delivered to citizens (adults and children), businesses, public sector and academic institutions (including other Law Enforcement Agencies) in order to raise awareness for different types of internet crime, dangers and internet safety.
Teleconferences are handled with schools at national level in order to inform pupils (6-17 years old) about Internet safety, possible dangers and several types of Internet crimes. The content of the teleconference is based on the age of the attendees. Teleconferences are interactive since attendees can submit questions during the teleconference.
During the years 2012-2017, 6 conferences on Internet Safety were organized in order
to celebrate the Safer Internet Day.

In 2014 and 2015 two conferences for
people with special needs and their
inclusion in the digital environment were organized.
The Council of Europe
24/7 Network
is established under Article 35 of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime in order to facilitate the international cooperation.

Each Party designates a point of contact available on a twenty-four hour, seven-day-a-week basis, in order to ensure the provision of immediate assistance for the purpose of investigations or proceedings concerning criminal offences related to computer systems and data, or for the collection of evidence in electronic form of a criminal offence. Such assistance shall include facilitating, or, if permitted by its domestic law and practice, directly carrying out the following measures:
a the provision of technical advice;
b the preservation of data;
c the collection of evidence, the provision of legal information, and locating of suspects.

The Budapest Convention on Cybercrime was ratified by Greece under the
Law 4411/2016
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