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Copy of I got an idea!!

No description

Börje Hansson

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of I got an idea!!

I got an idea!!
New graduates tend NOT to have sufficient workplace skills, as far as employers are concerned.
How about creating a course in entrepreneurship
that gets students and companies to work together to develop business plans
We need to do more to facilitate knowledge transfer between industry and HE.
How to create such a course?
Who are the students/my customers ?
How to distribute the course
Who pays for the development?
What partners do I have
Osterwalder Canvas!
1. Introduction
To the Course
2. Group formation
Introduction to CCD -
Concurrent Design method for innovative collaboration
Business Model Canvas
3. Business plan
4. Innovations
Entrepreneurship, innovation
best practice – good examples
Find members to collaborate with in creating a business plan
To Entrepreneurship and
Personal business Model YOU
(for personal development)
Entrepreneurship – business and business plans
Analyzing economic environments locally and globally Management issues
6. Continued
Continuing work with business plans and ideas
Preparation of video presentations
7. Dissemination
of innovations
8. Dissemination of business plan
Final assessment
Finance issues
Marketing issues
Working with the plans
How could innovations be disseminated?
dCCDFLITE - Distributed Concurrent Design Framework for IT-Entrepreneurship
Staged Self Directed Learning
Distributed Concurrent Design
Personal Learning Network
Pedagogy based on:
Börje Hansson
Mid Sweden University
Project leader dCCDFLITE
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