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Evolution of Hominids

No description

David Lisk

on 25 September 2017

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Transcript of Evolution of Hominids

How Hominids Evolved into Modern Man
Evolution of Hominids
'Lucy' discovered in 1974 by Dr. Don Johanson
Named for a Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."
First hominid to walk upright
Australopithicus Afarensis
Scientific name means "Handy Man"
Believed to be the first to make stone tools
Hands jointed differently than apes, allowing them to use tools more effectively
First major hominid in
time period
Homo Habilis
Name means "Upright Man"
First major hominid with modern man body sizes and bone structure
First to use fire effectively

Homo Erectus
Name means "Wise Man"
Communication was the key to their survival!
Many cave paintings, like in Lascaux, show early humans trying to communicate.
This is US!

Homo Sapiens
Homo Neanderthalensis

Closest hominid relative of Modern Humans
Shorter but larger than humans
Lived at the same time as Homo Sapiens
May not have been as effective at communicating as the Homo Sapeins, which may have led to their extinction (not conclusive)
Scientists are unsure why or how, but as humans spread around the Earth, different hominids developed at different places. The two major groups were
homo neanderthalensis
homo sapiens
. Neanderthals were better suited for colder climates, while humans were better suited for warmer climates. However, in the end, human emerged as the dominate hominid species.
3 Millions years ago
2 Millions years ago
1 Millions years ago
Present Day
Create a Google Slide that shows the major points about each hominid. You may gather more information by researching online. Be sure to include pictures and make sure it looks nice.
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