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Copy of Affective Filter

No description

Marco Hernández

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Affective Filter

Filter English Teaching Affective
Factors What.. ? Last but not least.. Constructive Criticism Stephen Krashen How..? Teaching and Learning
Processes Fellings
Emotions Me Situations Teachers
Subjects ? ? ? ? ? Second Language
Acquisition Affective Filter
Hypothesis "A mental block that prevents acquires from fully utilizing the comprehensible input they receive for language acquisition" (Krashen, 1985) People's Minds Motivation Anxiety Self-confidence Positive Rewarding Teachers People
Effective Language Teacher Be aware..! Appy..! Become..! Thanks For Your Attention They can be stimulated..
Krashen, Stephen D. 1985. The input hypothesis . London: Longman. I say that...
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