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Literary Analysis "The Rocking-Horse Winner"

Literary Analysis - Bartoli & Hessel

Jessica Hessel

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Literary Analysis "The Rocking-Horse Winner"

D.H. Lawrence The Rocking-Horse Winner Plot Summary Settings Characters (Analysis) Tone Themes Conflict Freytag's Pyramid Short story of an traditional middle-class English family that is "down on luck". Paul, the son, receives a rocking-horse for Christmas, which gives him the ability to predict the correct outcome of horse-races. Although successful, his attempts don't change his families troubles and greed. Paul succumbs to a sever seizure, which ends in his demise. England, years after WWI
Home near London
Richmond Park
Car traveling home in Hampshire
Lincoln Racecourse Paul - his mother doesn't love him; gets a rocking-horse; gains the ability to predict horse races
Hester (Paul's mother) - materialistic woman
Paul's father - works in town; an unlucky man
Bassett - family gardener who gets Paul into horse-racing
Oscar Cresswell - Paul's uncle; he gives Paul the money for his 1st horce-race
Paul's siblings - 2 younger sisters
Chief Artist - draws sketches for the newspaper Neglect
Faulty sense of Value
Deceit Mysterious Irony Internal Conflict: Falling Action: Point of View Omniscient 3rd person External Conflict: Resolution: Techniques: Imagery Freytag's Pyramid Exposition: Rising Action: Climax: Paul falls off the rocking-horse after he seizures. All of Paul's efforts to help his family financially, have been wasted. An traditionaly middle-class English family who is concerned with wealth and material things. Paul gets the rocking-horse and his powers! Uncle Oscar tests out Paul's power and find that it does work...every time. Paul begins to lose money, which sends him into a downward spiral towards death. Due to his seizure, Paul dies, causing the family become poorer than before. Man against society; Paul must fight against his parents' materialistic desires, especially his mother. Paul must overcome his failure and pursuit to find love, in order to help his mother, even though his attempts fail. Holly Bartoli & Jessica Hessel Situational Irony - Hester's love for Paul and Oscar's treatment of Paul
Dramatic Irony - "seeking inwardly for luck, he wanted luck, he wanted it, he wanted it...sitting on the rocking-horse and charging wildly into space."
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