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ETT Transforming the Science Classroom

Chicago Public Schools National Teachers Academy

Autumn Laidler

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of ETT Transforming the Science Classroom

Journey to Redefining the Science Classroom iPads at National Teachers Academy Examining the traditional Science journal... Positives
Science Process
Sketch and graph
All labs/experiments in one place
Bloom's high level of thinking Negatives
Limited to pencil and paper
Giving feedback is a challenge
Organization of elementary students
Limited sharing of ideas
Isolated from other science knowledge Create Evaluate Analyze Apply (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr Which leads to questions about.... Mental Note App
Lined or Graph paper
Typed text
Voice Recording
Separate Notes
Tagging Feature
Export to other apps including Google Drive Mental Note App How to create a multimedia
Science Journal.... Bloom's Revisited...21st century skills Next steps..... Multimedia Science Journals Add research from online sources to journal entry
Email lab and give feedback through Edmodo, create a library file for students as record of work
Student generated science term note for vocabulary collection Autumn Laidler
National Teachers Academy
Twitter @mslaidler PDF to Flipsnack Educreations
-access to dropbox
-uploads and saves Educreations for sorts Explain learning..... Movie Making in Science iMovie and iMovie Trailers Green screen with student backgrounds
iMovie scripts
trailer planning
QR code link to trailer From Craig Dwyer http://tinyurl.com/movtrail Blogs Students writing in the content area
Authentic audience
Kid-friendly format
Kidblog.org Quadblogging.net
4 classrooms
comment on each other's work
similar grade levels Topics in today's EdTech Teacher Presentation Educreations tools
Student Movie Making
Collaborative Projects Questions or Comments? View student work Try it out:

* type in tiny url
*Download to your dropbox
*open educreations
*open folder and tap each picture
*sort apps Bat Bonanza Burley Teacher Partners
Ben Kovacs 6th grade
Kristin Ziemke 1st grade Content movie trailers Let's hear from Ben's
Class! Bat Video! MOVIE
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