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Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Introducing Rhetoric - 12 Angry Men

Jena Graham

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Foundation Logos Ethos An author or speaker appeals to Ethos by: Pathos Logos appeals to logic by:

Giving reasons
referencing history
giving definitions
using facts, data, and statistics
using quotations
referring to experts and authorities SWUT:
there is an art to speaking or
writing that is used to
effectively persuade a person
or audience. an appeal to logic.

Rhetoric trustworthiness of the speaker.
author or speaker establishes their credibility. Using the language of the group
Act sincere and fair
Use appropriate level of vocabulary
Compare themselves to other that can be trusted EQ:
How does an individual influence
the opinion or actions of a group? That makes sense,
but how?
There are three different ways we are going to look at today! What effect does this have on the audience? Evokes an emotional response
Affects people's BRAINS What effect does this have on the audience? Proves that the speaker (or author) is reliable and respects the audience's ideas and values.
Have the same morals.
Affects peoples' GUTS An appeal to the emotion of the audience, such as love, fear, guilt, or hate. How does an author appeal to Pathos? by using emotionally loaded language
Use emotional examples
Use subjects that people are sensitive about
Figurative Language What effect does this have on the audience? Evokes an emotional response

Affects peoples' HEARTS Now lets see where we can find examples in: 12 Angry Men!
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