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Arthur, Stephen, Kieran M8 Jamaica

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Arthur, Stephen, Kieran M8 Jamaica

Jamaican music
The music in jamaican music is about the struggle and what is going on in the village. They use a lot of instruments. The people use have a very jamaican accent.
Jamaican Music
Music Umbrella
Arthur, Stephen, Kieran M8 Jamaica
Both music in Jamaica and in America are in English also some songs are about the way of life and the way they live there life also both sing with different pitches. But the differences is that the jamaican music has more instruments and there is a accent there is more repeating.

The bongo and the marimba and the shakers are the instruments commonly used in jamaican music.
some musician from Jamaica is Bob Mrely Sizzla and Bouty Killer
Pitch Low
Dynamics Soft
Tembre Bright, Calm, Soft
Tempo Largo
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