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Copy of In the Country of Men

Gurpreet, Sandy, Sandya and Sankavy

Moondy Douglas

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of In the Country of Men

tells Sulieman stories that she should not
tells him to keep it all a secret
a lot of pressure for a nine year old
Page 1-2: "...she would bounce up again, light another cigarette and continue begging me...not to tell, not to tell."
Page 19: "If you tell a living soul and I die, my life will be on your neck."
married young against her will
Suleiman born when she was only fourteen
no time to mature
illness caused him to mature faster (hemophilia)
acts older than his age
his maturity is influential on other's behaviour
Page 11: "black day"
Page 12: swallowed a "handful of magic pills"
Page 54: " I am never invited to lunch parties anymore and if I invite my friends, they won't come."
child-like response to being isolated by friends
made a woman no good (infertile)
should have been celebrated
Page 127: "The fact that he was closer to death aged him and gained him a higher moral authority."

Page 126: "...made him seem older and more independent than any of us and led us all to silently seek his approval..."
lived a more serious and independent life
drinks when Faraj is away on business trips
neglects responsibility of taking care of Suleiman
Page 2: "Baba never found out about Mama's illness; she only fell ill when he was away on business trips."
began drinking and smoking when Faraj was away
Page 10: "She was barefoot. When she saw me she covered her mouth with the inside of her wrist, her cupped hand full of broken glass and giggled..."
responds negatively to Mama's drinking problems (silent, angry)
allows Mama's drinking problems to affect his emotions
allows the problem to control his childhood
purposely makes Mama nervous and guilty
immediately becomes mad
has outbursts of rage
Page 2: "During breakfast I tried to say as little as possible. My silence made her nervous... on mornings after she had been ill..."
Page 10: “Mama is ill again. I felt my cheeks burn with anger…”
Page 123: "When she woke up the following morning she couldn't understand why I was so upset... I slammed the door shut and locked myself in my room."
The Guide
already into adulthood
mature majority of the time
display actions which are immature
unable to handle alienation from friends
tries to be included
Page 160; "The Guide knows this and he is very forgiving."
Page 235: "... the entire Libyan population was given three days to deposit liquid assets into the National Bank... told afterward that individual bank withdrawals would be limited to one thousand dinars annually. The following year, private saving accounts, which were effectively what most accounts had become, were eliminated, and my parents watched their money vanish 'like salt in water.'"
abuses power to detain Libyans
is not vengeful
Page 128:
"…when we reached them I whacked Ali on the head and called him a girl. I had no right, I hadn't taken part in the race. Still, I wasn't satisfied so I whacked him again and called him a girl three times."
has no right to "claim the prize"
Page 164:
"Just when they were ready to start playing I grabbed a pebble and threw it from that great distance to knock down the stack of stones. I wanted to impress them with my aim."
rudely interrupts his friend's game
Page 107: "
Everyone knows your father is a tr-“
Page 109: "Her name is Leila."
Kareem’s father was taken away
Showed immaturity when he indirectly called Suleiman a Girl
Has forgiven and forgotten, moved on
Page 125: "Adnan and I heard Kareem shout again, 'Last one to mulberry is a girl,' and I knew he meant me".
Page 36: “Kareem froze, as if his heart had dropped into his shoes… Kareem took a few steps after the car. He stood with his back turned towards us, then turned and walked home.”
Kareem still brought up the past, due to the fact that it bothered him

Realized that he had to take over the house and assumed the position of head of the house.
Tried saving Bahloul from drowning in the sea
Focused on his studies
Cared about his future

Did not get influenced or involved in any illegal doings

Only focused on what was important to him
Studies payed off and he became a pharmacist
Page 219: “I heard his violent and useless splashes. I let go of my flippers and rushed to the end of the pier. I extended my hand to him. I wanted to save him-and he knew it too-he tried to slap his way toward me…I reached as far as I could…”
Page 230: "His father, the solemn judge, liked how
obsessive I was about my studies..."
Page 246: "I wave my hand above my head,
thinking of calling her, but i can't utter the word.
Them suddenly it comes. Mama, I say and
say it again and again until she sees me."
Page 6: "Take care of your mother, you are the man of the house now,.."
Leaving a man's job for a young boy to do

Putting tremendous amount of pressure on
Suleiman's and Mama's life are put in danger because of Baba's illegal activities
They are constantly being scruntinize
Under constant surveillance
Page 237: "...Baba decided to take his book with him one day and read from it to his fellow factory workers, not 'Discorsi', but 'Democracy Now'
Seeked employment
Page 216: " Father was left with no chioce but to seek employement. He got a job as a 'machine operator' in one of the nationalized factories. It was a pasta factot."
Did the mature thing and got a job to support his family
Was not embarassed with the job he got
Treated the job as a novelty and found pleasure in it
Accepted his fate
not the way one would want to see their mother
In The Country of Men:
everyone matures at different pace
events and situations in our lives determine our rate of maturity

betrays Kareem's trust

treated as a death
not a great example for Suleiman
she did not want children
could have ruined her life forever
priority should be family and current situation
seems more focused on what society thinks
pressuring him to keep her secrets
has Suleiman uneasy
Suleiman does not know when she will start her telling again
should not have told him if she did not want anyone to know
not something a mother should say to her child
asks Jafer for help to keep her family together
forgives Faraj for dangerous choices
takes care of Faraj when he comes back
Page 158: "Mama woke up not so much happy as certain. She began to make a cake."
wants Jafer to help her husband
Page 163: "He's innocent. If he has done anything, it's because he was was urged by others."
sides with her husband, staying loyal
Page 195: "I heard Mama go from her room to the bathroom a few times, always closing the bedroom door behind her."
cleans up her husband's wounds
should be taking care of Suleiman and the house
should be taking care of Suleiman, not frightening him
does not know what to do with herself when Faraj is gone
decides that she must do something to save her family
takes on the role of responsibility
tries to fix her husband's mistakes
forgets about her pride and asks for help
doesn't bring up his decisions and the consequences
tries to put everything in the past and start fresh
knowing he will die soon matured him
is not concerned with childish things (arguements)
more responsible than others and takes care of himself
everyone wants to be like him
forced to mature because of her father forcing her into marriage at a young age
forced to mature because her husband is away on frequent business trips
Connecton to Thesis
forced to mature at a fast pace because of his illness
Connection to Thesis
able to spare lives that tried to take his
tries to listen and understand others' reasoning
display of immaturity
takes away Libyans' freedom
happens when Mama was drinking the night before
a way to get back at Mama
allows the situation to bring out his negative emotions
starts blaming others
isolates himself
doesn't talk about the problem
feels betrayed by Kareem
gets revenge
betrays Kareem's friendship and trust
not the way to treat a friend
being malicious to Kareem
aims at Kareem's weak point
betrayal of friendship
meant to be kept a secret
trying to hurt Kareem
unsatisfied, abuses Ali more
picks on someone weaker
does not try to ask to join
does not think about the consequences
Um Masoud does not act her age
She uses her husbands power to her advantage
But she is compassionate towards mama and the situation that she is in.
Had to go home and console his panic stricken mother (thought about others)
When his “heart dropped into his shoes, it seemed as though realization came to him, about Life
Kareem indirectly addresses Suleiman, showing that he does not want to fully confront him
Connection To Thesis
encounters many situations in which he is able to be mature about but responds immaturely to instead
Connection To Thesis
The Guide

even adults who are mature will become immature due to circumstances
Did not reply to Kareem's letter

Jealous of Kareem's engagement
to Siham

Reaction after seeing his mother after 15 years

Page 240: “It seemed a cruel intrusion into the life I was making in Cairo, where I was handsome and independent enough to be surrounded by all the illusions of immortality, a desire very similar to wanting to be free of the past.”
Page 241: “And so even this letter, with its careful and delicate handwriting, that had come through against her will, I refused to respond to.”
Did not want to deal with his past

Did not want anyone to interfere or intrude into the life he was building in Cairo for himself
Page 243: “I wanted to congratulate him, wish him a happy prosperous life with his bride but I felt impotent somehow. Is this some joke, I thought, having her marry my childhood friend, couldn’t you have her marry someone else?”
Page 243: “I could have given her a better life, away from the country that everyone wishes to escape.”
Still liked Siham
Jealous of Kareem’s and Siham’s engagement
Wanted to be in Kareem’s position
Did not show enthusiasm and was not genuinely happy for his best friend
Believed that he could provide and give Siham a better life than Kareem could give her
Child-like reaction when he saw Mama at the bus station
Still had a little bit of his child hood left in him
Bahloul could not swim
Wanted to do the mature thing and help save Bahloul’s life
Wanted to do something good
Connection To Thesis
Kareem was forced to mature faster than the other boys due to the event of the Revolutionary committee taking his father
novel is of full examples of immaturity and maturity
helps to progress the story
adds depth which helps us relate to characters
Putting pressure on young
Endangering family by doing
illegal activities
Took 'Democracy Now'
to work to read to his fellow
Page 9: "We were followed today by that same white car that took Ustath Rashid. We were side by side at the traffic light and i saw their faces."
Did not think twice about the consequences
Deluded himself that he could still change things
Um Masoud
By calling Suleiman a girl, he wants to make him feels bad, just as Suleiman did to him.
Page 239: “I hope this reaches you, I hope it finds you well I hope you still remember me… your friend and brother.”
He hopes the best for Suleiman, when the letter reaches him, showing that he is not vengeful.
This shows that Kareem has forgiven and forgotten
By making numerous attempts to contact Suleiman, it shows that he still cares about him
Looks down upon those who she sees as insignificant
Page 36: “Um Masoud came to our door, clicked her tongue, looked around her and said “ that’s the fate of all traitors. Baba had heard Um Masoud gossip before…”
Um Masoud gossips like a teenager
Shows a lack of maturity, she doesn’t act her age
She tries to control the lives of other people on the street.
Page 32: “What did you say? Um Masoud said…Mama said nothing… Um Masoud ‘s husband, Ustath Jafer was apart of the mokhabarat, able to put people behind the sun”
Shows that Um Masoud is feared
Knowing that people fear her, she uses the fear to mind other peoples business (lack of maturity)
Puts their differences aside for the greater good
Page 161-162: “Why doesn’t she come to us when she knows that we can help? Um Masoud looked at her husband and pursed he lips. ---She seemed to genuinely feel for Mama.”

She genuinely feels for Mama

She wants to help Mama out of her situation
Connection To Thesis
Um Masoud
Though Um Masoud is a fully grown adult and mother of two, she is still immature due to the facts that she gossips and doesn’t act her age.
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