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Isabella C & Poppy P internet

No description

Manor Prep

on 3 July 2018

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Transcript of Isabella C & Poppy P internet

The Internet
BY Isabella C & Poppy P
How much we use
the internet
Here is a diagram to show how much internet each country uses:
What is the
The internet is a global network providing a variety of information; you can access the internet on devices like an Apple, Samsung and Android.
Thank you for watching
We hope you have learned a few new things about the internet.
How the internet actually works:
Internet data is divided into small parts called packets, they split apart when you press send, then they come back together again when they arrive at their destination (another device). The packets are actually pulses of light or radio signals, and then they get sent along to their final destination.
Tim Burners-Lee invented the internet in 1989; he wrote the first sever in 1990
The World Wide Internet
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