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No description

Nathan Hone

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Giraffs

Glidden Paint Target Audience Objective DIY Rental Shoppers Media Plan Amelia Suarez
Ashlee Walker
Chelsea Errante
Katie Blake
Katie Matthies
Nate Hone
Nate Wilkinson
Taylor Augustine Three Segments Target Demographic Male & Female 18-34, 48-66 middle class renters and homeowners Profile
Generation Y, 18-34
Low Income
Renters, Home and Apartment
Single Key Values
Very creative/experimental
Into customization
More into the "experience"
Not concerned with "the absolute best"
"High performance & high maintenance" Competitive Shopping
The Home Depot 66%
Lowe's 59%
Sherwin-Williams 23% Current Wal-Mart Paint
Shoppers Demographic Skew vs DIY Overall
Low Income
Renters Key Values
Enjoys painting
Still not very experienced
Into customization
Like spending most time at home with family
Typically avoids watching TV commercials Competitive Shopping
The Home Depot 52%
Lowe's 43%
Sherwin-Williams 35% Older Consumers Shopping at Wal-Mart Demographic Skew vs DIY Overall
Older, Baby Boomer, 48-66
Caucasian Key Values
Sees painting as duty (upkeep) and less about creativity
More experienced, more confident
Try to buy goods produced by own country
More of a perfectionist Competitive Shopping
The Home Depot 78%
Lowe's 69%
Sherwin-Williams 53% Media Mix Television and Cable 39.8% of people that are 18 and older have been influenced to try or buy a product because of exposure to a TV advertisement

Women spend the most time watching TV each day at 5 hours and 31 minutes

Television also lends a sense of credibility to your company

Cable useres between the ages of 18 and 49 are more receptive to television ads Internet Google Ad Words carries a 100% target rate

Internet radio sites such as Pandora, Slacker, iHeart

Internet radio has a twist

Pandora digital television advertisements account for 9% of the 9 billion dollar internet advertising revenue in 2011 Radio Lifts awareness by 13% and consideration by 20%

94.3% of millennials are exposed to radio weekly

86% of consumers 65+ years old are reached by radio

We plan to advertise primarily on country stations

21.8% of radio listeners who purchase home improvement products such as paint, conduct online research before making a decision Magazines 47% of North Americans trust magazine advertising

When magazine ads are partnered with online and TV ads, the purchase intent is lifted.

In April the TV and online index was only 114, but when paired with magazine ads the index jumped to 175 (Magazine Factbook 2012-13).

“Better Homes and Garden”

Consumers that are looking to purchase their first house fall into our first target segment and possess an index of 124 Newspapers 57% of women use newspapers for shopping, planning, and purchasing decisions

These women are also responsible for 63% of all home improvement decisions

60% of home furnishing shoppers use newspapers to plan their shopping trips Out-of-Home Very high index (130 & 107)

In store advertising (primarily displays and hanging signs) in Wal-Mart superstores. Media Budget Objective Media budget will be spent in geographic areas with the highest level of maintenance/repair sales
75% of media budget given to national advertising and 25% of budget to spot markets

11 spot markets chosen due to high levels of consumer spending on maintenance and repair commodities
Total spending in all spot markets comprises 30.2% of total U.S. spending on all maintenance and repair commodities

Instituting a pulsing strategy during entirety of campaign Media budget will be spent in accordance with the monthly levels of paint sales, according to research by Ad-ology

May: 22.6%

June: 21.2%

July: 20.1%

August: 21.4%

September: 14.7% Budget will be broken down by media type as well

Internet: 40%

Out-of-home: 20%

Television: 10%

Magazines: 10%

Newspapers: 10%

Radio: 10% Scheduling and Timing Television May and July Initiate and start renovation

DIY Magazine May Initiate campaign with heaviest readership

Most inspirational

Better Homes and Garden Radio Heavier in June, August, September Increase reach and inexpensive

Country stations

Pandora Newspaper Sundays Reminder at home

USA Today Internet Every month Interacting with younger audience

Social Media, AdWords, and Banners Out-of-Home Every month Awareness amongst existing customer

In-store displays at Wal-Mart Reach and Frequency Objective Achieve a 70 reach and 3.8 frequency during the first month of launch.
Maintain a 70 reach and 3.7 frequency for all other months Rationale Ostrow Model
Calculation of Minimum Effective Frequency
Reach/Frequency Decision Model
Optimize Reach or Frequency?
How much reach? Strategy National Markets:
GRP goal to achieve: 259 GRPs
70/3.7 Reach/Frequency
Actually achieved:
May: 281 GRPs with 70.4/4 Reach/Frequency
June: 291 GRPs with 76.6/4.1 Reach/Frequency
July: 302 GRPs with 70.9/4.3 Reach/Frequency
August: 291 GRPs with 71.8/4.1 Reach/Frequency
September: 295 GRPs with 77.2/4.1 Reach/Frequency Spot Markets:
GRP goal to achieve: 266 GRPs
70/3.8 Reach/Frequency
Actually achieved:
May: 282 GRPs with 70.6/4 Reach/Frequency
June: 313 GRPs with 76.6/4.1 Reach/Frequency
July: 304 GRPs with 71.4/4.1 Reach/Frequency
August: 317 GRPs with 77.2/4.1 Reach/Frequency
September: 299 GRPs with 72.4/4.1 Reach/Frequency Sales Promotion and Public Relations Objective Strategy Glidden Brilliance Collection is high quality with no VOCs
-Environmentally friendly and odor free

Glidden to partner with Wal-Mart for donations to the GBI Rationale Generate awareness
Retention of current customers
22% of consumers prefer a message on the package
94% of consumers choose a brand that supports a cause Create greater brand awareness that, nationally, 3,500 Wal-Mart stores sell Glidden brand paint Rationale Build confidence in target market segments Strategy Wal-Mart newspaper insert and In Store Situational Analysis •Most widely distributed paint brand in the United States and primarily serves the market of do-it-yourself

•Wal-Mart possesses only 5% of the sales from the Paint/Stain market 2011

•Glidden has six main competitors in the paints and coating industry: Behr, Valspar, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Olympic, and Clark+Kensington.

•4th lowest market share S.W.O.T Geography Media Flowchart Media Evaluations Cognitive Focus groups 6 months after campaign
-Separated into target market segments Affective Social networking

Surveys provided to consumers upon purchase Conactive Tracking sales data

Survey questions about future intent Conclusion
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