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The Diary of Anne Frank: People are Really Good at Heart

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Jenna Doll

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of The Diary of Anne Frank: People are Really Good at Heart

The Diary of Anne Frank: People are Really Good at Heart
Examples from the Play #3
Mr. Frank let Mr. Dussel stay in the Secret Annex even though there were already 7 people and Mouschi, the cat.
Text-to-World Connection #3
Politicians & Government Officials

In our world, it seems like some people's favorite hobbies consist of complaining about politicians, the President, and government officials. They say, "The world would be better without them," but imagine if there were no officials. We might not have any laws or any rights. Although some are greedy and corrupt, many are "good at heart."
Our theme is: "People are really good at heart."

In the last lines of the play, Anne says, "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart."
Examples from the Play #1
Mr. Van Daan is caught stealing food from the cupboards. All along, they thought rats were taking the food. Miep comes with good news, the invasion has begun! Mr. Van Daan suddenly becomes sorry and apologizes sincerely for what he's done.
Text-to-World Connection #1
Teachers & School

Many young adults dread going to school and having homework. What they don't think about is that if we didn't go to school, we would live in a totally uneducated society. This is an example of our theme in the world because the teachers and schools mean well "at heart".
Text-to-World Connection #2
Police Officers & Justice Officials

Like teachers & school, people don't like being pulled over for speeding or fined for littering. If these justice officials didn't do their jobs, the world would be a mess and crime wreak havoc, their actions are "good at heart."
Examples from the Play #2
Although they knew it was illegal, Mr. Kraler and Miep protected and cared for the Franks, Van Daans, and Dussel. They could have been put in camps like the Jews or prison.
pg. 346
This happens throughout the whole play for 2 years.
pg. 305
Text-to-Self Connections
Example #1: Coaches throughout my sports career have pushed me, but in the end it benefits me, they are "good at heart." -Mack
Example #2: Sometimes, it seems like my parents hold me back from doing what I want. I know that they mean well and are thinking of what's best for me though. -Jenna
Theme in Another Genre: Catching Fire
In Catching Fire, many rebels have a plan to overthrow the government. In order to do this, many tributes die in the Hunger Games before they rescue Katniss so she can lead their rebellion. This shows that their acts were good at heart even though bad things happen first.
Link to Mockingjay, Part 1. This movies takes place after Catching Fire.
The End
Because of this young girl who suffered through so much, we can remember and have hope that people are really good at heart.
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