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Background to Homer's The Odyssey

No description

Bess Futrell

on 1 November 2017

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Transcript of Background to Homer's The Odyssey

The Author: Homer
scholars debate whether he existed
most likely lived between 900 and 700 BC
believed to have been blind
many modern scholars believe Homer's poetry to be the work of two poets
much that we don't know about him
The Epic Hero: Odysseus
perhaps legendary, perhaps factual person
Greek king of Ithaca, Greece
Wife = Penelope
Son = Telemachus
Dad = Laertes
Mom = Anticlea
Structure of
The Odyssey
Trojan War
Odyssey is about Odysseus' long journey home to Ithaca after the Trojan War.
Trojan War occurred sometime around 1200 BC
Between the Greeks and the Trojans
Took place in ancient Troy
The Odyssey
an epic poem
written around 750-725 BC
in Greece
oldest written record of ancient Greece
by Homer
about Odysseus and his adventures returning home from the Trojan War
Mythological Barbie/Action Figure Assignment
Background to Homer's


Gods, Goddesses, and Monsters
essential component of ancient Greek culture
polytheistic - believe in many gods
play an influential role in the outcome of events in
The Odyssey
Your Task
Watch this video and take Cornell Notes about the Trojan War and what started it.
What Started the Trojan War?
Part 1
The story of what happens to Ithaca while Odysseus is at war in Troy.
Part 3
Odysseus returns to Ithaca and joins with Telemachus to destroy the men who have taken over his home.
Part 2
Odysseus tells of his wanderings during the 10 years he is trying to get home to Ithaca.
3 parts/sections
24 books or "episodes"
Due Date:
Read the instructions and requirements carefully.
Use the following websites for your research:
Greek-Gods Info -
Theoi Greek Mythology -
Mythweb -
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