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SDR-4X II Robot

No description

Bailee Randall

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of SDR-4X II Robot

By: Isabella and Bailee SDR-4X II What task does the robot perform? what human function or task does this robot simulate? Where is SDR-4X used? And how many degrees of freedom or flexible joints does it have? Is the robots end effector multifunctional? What other tasks? How is the Sony Dream Robot taught to perform its tasks? What sensors does it have and how does it use those sensors to work? Impact on Audience Jobs/Careers it can supply? Explain how it can be altered. This robot can perform, literally, playing musical instruments, dancing, and even constructing an orchestra. It simulates entertainment and companionship. SDR-4X is used in hospitals mainly but can be used in many other fields of work. It has 38 degrees of freedom. Yes, this robot has a multifunctional hand it can perform many tasks it can play instruments, twirl objects. The SDR-4X is a pre-programmed robot. This robot has color identifiers, 4 pressure senors, and motion sensors to process. It uses these sensors for communication capabilities. -Entertains people
-Has a very good memory
-Has a rechargeable battery It acts as a companion to others and as an entertainer to keep audience entertained and accompanied. It can employ people to create it and improve it The cameras it has for eyes can be advanced to create real picture so it can learn to recognize more than 10 faces. `
Advantages Disadvantages -Has a rechargeable battery that only last for an hour
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