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Instituto Columbia S,C

No description

Rodrigo Neri

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Instituto Columbia S,C

By: Rodrigo Neri Sánchez The Columbia Institute, S.C was founded in 1982 by a group of people with a lot of experience. Those persons were highly interested in the culture, values, habits etc. Mrs. Theissen, Mrs. Garcia, and Mrs. Montemayor decided to create this school, which is now a growing institution. By:Rodrigo Neri 1982
The Columbia started in a borrowed house with only 30 preschool students. Columbia Institute, S.C 1982
Columbia Institute began in a new campus, opened by the Governor of the State. 1997
The fifteenth anniversary of the Columbia was celebrate on a meal on El Regio, members of the PA and the SEP attended. 2000
Columbia Institute eighteen anniverary
all students and teacher were very happy about
18 years of school. 2002
The Colubia Principle´s families made a video and celebrated with Mariachis. 2003
The Columbia Institute lost one of the most important members of the school, she was an example of work , dedication, and effort.
Alejandra Montemayor Dávila 2004
Mrs. Georgina began working in Columbia Institute as a principle. 2008
Columbia Institute change its sport uniform, and added a vest and the sweater to the dress uniform, they also added a new skirt, and a jumper. A recognized institution with more than 17 graduate generations, the students with a highly averages. 2012 This is what Columbia teach us. WE ARE ! Here you can make all kind of friends! Friends with you same age. Smaller friends. Bigger friends. Funny friends. In Columbia we have fun Here teachers are also our friends WE ARE... THANKS FOR WATCHING!
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