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5th Grade Story of America

Introduction to 5th Grade Social Studies

Miranda Yonts

on 12 August 2011

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Transcript of 5th Grade Story of America

We didn't start out looking like this - but we'll learn how we came to be the 50 states of America! The first people on the North American continent were the Native Americans. We'll look at different Native American cultures from around the continent. Explorers came from Europe
to find the "New World"
which would become our home. United States of America Over the next 100 years,
thousands came from Europe
to set up colonies in America. After the colonists decided they didn't want to be loyal to the King,
the Declaration of Independence was written to annouce
the separation of England and America.
But it would take a war to really make America a new country. After the Revolutionary War,
America had to create a
new government for the
new country.
The Constitution
begins with the Preamble. Manifest Destiny was the belief that the United States should stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. So begins the Westward Expansion era of American history. But the growing nation had growing problems with slavery - a practice that had been legal in parts of the U.S. since the beginning. These growing problems led to the American Civil War. The end of the Civil War, reunited the country and pushed Ameria into the Modern Era. This was a time of great industrialization and immigration. Huge changes were underway for America. Changes like new inventions to civil rights for all people. And now here we are today,
looking back at the history of the U.S.,
learning from the mistakes and the successes.
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