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Library Career Expo

Rebecca Feil

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of IEP 3

Indianapolis Library and Career Expo Carl Harvey & Robin Young About the Day The Keynote speaker was Dr. Carla Hayden
http://www.prattlibrary.org/about/index.aspx?id=1606 Some of the Presentations offered throughout the day included: School Libraries
Corporate Libraries
Elementary and High School Libraries
Hospital Libraries & Public Libraries Elementary and High School Libraries I attended the discussion about services at an elementary and high school library.
I thought this presentation would be the most beneficial one for me to attend
considering I want to be an elementary school librarian.
This discussion was led by Carl Harvey and Robin Young. Some of the topics they
discussed included professional development, inquiry, promoting and marketing
your library, parents, and collaborative partnerships. Robin Young Robin, who is the freshman media specialist at Avon High School, emphasized th idea that a librarian's role teeters between an instructional role and being a leader. This really resonated with me because I feel that a school's librarian is an essential asset to a school and its teachers, faculty and students. According to the text entitled School Library management, "A quality library media center program has the potential to impact student learning like no other support program. In fact, the importance should move the library media center program frm "support" to "critical" status by its ability to bring those real-world critical information, communication, and technology skills into the more traditional content area curriculum standards" (Repman 23). Our potential to do great things with a school media program forces us to become leaders and innovators. We ultimately represent the hub of the school.
Repman, Judi, and Gail Dickinson. School Library Management. sixth ed. Columbus, OH: Linworth Books, 2003. Print. Carl Harvey Carl Harvey, who is a media specialist in Noblesville, primarily discussed flexed scheduling and how that affects his role as an elementary school librarian. He pointed out that classes are required to come at least once a week. However, instead of waiting for students to come into the library he takes a proactive stance in ensuring collaboration with teachers is ongoing. He emphasized the fact that although it takes time, you have to build trust with teachers and relationships with all faculty. Carl's mention of the word trust struck me because it made me realize the significance of accountability. In order to create successful relationships it is imperative that you make sure to follow through and stay committed to activities or plans that are made with teachers and faculty. Discussion Highlights from Carl and Robin Inquiry Have students develop questions about what you want
them to research about. Posting the results
online can be exciting for students. It also
provides them with an incentive to use correct
grammar and spelling. Parents Book challenges are rare, but tell parents that as a school librarian you can'tmake the choice for parents about what they want their kids to read. Professional development is a MUST! Marketing and promoting the library is crucial. Activity Reflection After reflecting on this experience, I was satisfied with my decision to attend this event. I honestly feel like I took a great initiative to attend this event and make a conscious effort to absorb as much information as possible. I fully intend on participating in these events in the future because not only does it provide valuable and relevant information and resources, but it also is a great place to network.
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