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No description

Rovina Ramanan

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of 50

50 Cent Rovina Ramanan Business Life Street King Project Street Drink Donations Bibliography SMS Audio Products TMT: The Money Team G-Unit Early Life Accomplishments Acting/Singing Biography Name: Curtis James Jackson 3rd (aka 50 Cent)
Born: July 6th 1975
Home Town: South Jamaica, Queens, New York
Occupation: Rapper, Record Producer, Actor, Entrepreneur
Active: 1996+ Released 7 Hip-Hop Albums
Acted in 19 Movies
2 Shows (The Simpsons, Entourage)
5 Up coming roles in movies 2013-2014 February 6th 2003 "Get Rich Or Die Tryin' " Formula 50:
1) Vitamin Water&6 Week Workout plan
2)Worked with Glaceau
3)Coca-Cola Purchased $4.1 Million
4) 50 Made 100 Million July 21st 2012 he became a boxing promoter

Promotes in New York and Nevada (Major Fight House)

Signed Gold Medalist Yiorkis Gamboa and Andre Dirrel Created&Founded By 50 Cent
Headphones, Wireless accessories, t-shirts, hats, cases
Advertised By DJ Pauly D July 2011, Started Street King to feed 1 billion Africans by 2016
Teamed Up with Pure Growth to make Street King Drink
Portion of the money goes to buying a meal(s) for Africans 50 Cent has donated portions of his earnings to many countries in poverty and to charity's

HIV and Africa

Signed multi -year deal with Steiner Sports to sell his memorabilia/ Network 110 Million

250 Meals per purchase of SMS Audio Headphones http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/50_Cent

https://www.smsby50.com Business Summative October 12th 2007: 50 Cent Curtis Jackson Day in Bridgeport Connecticut Published Books:
a) 50th Law
b)From Pieces To Weight: Once Upon A Time In SouthSide Queens Founder and Established G-Unit

Record Label: Lloyd Banks, The Game, Young Buck

Clothing Line:
Signed 5 Year Contract with Reebok
Reebok signed 80 Million Pure 50 RGX:
1)Body Spray
2)Right Guard to produce Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Awards G- Unit Clothing 6 World Music Awards
6 Vibe Awards
3 Source Awards
1 NRJ Award
2 MTV Video Awards
3 MOBO Awards
1 Grammy Award
1 BRIT Award
16 Hip Hop Awards
14 Billboard Awards
2 BET Hip Hop Awards
2 AVN Awards
7 Rhythm and Soul Awards
3 Pop Awards
3 American Music Awards. G-Unit Group : 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Olivia, Troy Yaoh
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