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Framing success and business through Instagram

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cassie norris

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Framing success and business through Instagram

Framing success and business through Instagram
Target market of Instagram
To be successful with our created Instagram pages, it is important that we have researched the target market of the social media platform itself. Instagram is well known amongst online users, however discovering research shows that majority of audience members are young.
"Over 90% of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35, which makes it an attractive platform for many apparel, entertainment, and media brands focused on the 18 to 34-year-old age bracket".

Target market of Seafoam cafe
Digital artefact
Charlotte leghissa & Cassie Norris

Target market of Desiderate
Getting followers
Engaging content

Desiderate is an online shopping destination for quality sophisticated fashion jewellery, bags and accessories. Desiderate caters to women of all ages who are looking for stylish, fashionable and affordable accessories. The pieces often feature swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, cubic zirconias, freshwater and sea pearls as well as 18 carat gold filled and 925 Silver items.

Seafoam Cafe is a surf inspired cafe, collaborated with Byrne Surf shop in Thirroul.
Although there are some middle-aged women using Instagram, there are definitely not as many users as young people. This has been a disadvantage for our Desiderate page, as the popularity of the page has not been promoted to a great height. Over a few weeks we have managed to receive 251 followers, which is not a huge amount in regards to how many users we are following, 935. For Seafoam Café however, our results were quite different.
Research shows that Instagram, as a platform itself, has a great focus on women.
"Instagram skews heavily toward women;
68% of its users are female, according to
Appdata. This is an advantage for Desiderate as
the jewellery as the anticipated targeted audience
is for women".

This is an advantage for our growing page, as it is aimed towards female buyers. We have come to realisation that the social media platform has a considerable focus on young people, not particularly the middle-aged, however daughter’s, niece’s, friends etc may show interest in the product, thus introducing the page to our middle-aged female buyers.
The process of getting followers on Instagram has come about with a variety of strategies used. We have discovered that to receive followers, it is important to have an aesthetically pleasing page to your target market and audience.
Our main strategy used to receive followers, was to ‘poach’ other page’s followers. For both pages, we decided to search similar-looking pages and follow all they’re followers. Once each follower had followed our page back (if they did), then we would unfollow the user. This worked well, as we were receiving many followers who were interested, thus growing a considerable number.

The Instagram page we have created for Seafoam Café has been surprisingly very successful. The target audience, being of a younger age, has showed much interest, resulting in many followers, thus overcoming the establishment of an effective online page.
Although the page has been a great success, one negative aspect is that our initial aim regarding the number of followers to be received has not been reached. As Seafoam Café is physically inside the Byrne Surf Shop in Thirroul, we decided to try and receive a similar number of followers to the already running, Byrne_Surf page, (3466 followers). We did not meet this intention, however we are understood that time length in which Byrne_Surf and SeafoamCafe have been live is quite widespread. Seafoam Café now have a following of 516 users, only being live for 5 weeks.
The use of hashtagging on Instagram, is a great tool to gain followers. A “hashtag” on Instagram is an online link to a collaboration of pictures in relation to the subject. The use of simple hashtags, in some of our posts, has helped our pages gain followers who share main interests. By simple, we mean hashtagging general topics such as #jewellery and #surf.
These general hashtags have enabled an easily accessible following towards customers.

14% followback
when you follow
another user

34% followback when you
follow another user, like and
comment on your photo

22% followback
when you follow
another user and like
their photo








Popular competitors for Seafoam
Below are some popular cafe's Instagram's which were used to influence and promote Seafoam Cafe's page by 'stealing' their followers
Below are some popular cafe's Instagram's which were used to influence and promote Desiderate's page by 'stealing' their followers
Popular competitors for Desiderate
Spam Hashtags
Small Business use on Instagram
“In today’s market, small businesses need to have strong online marketing strategies if they are to survive today’s world of cutthroat competition.
What may not be so obvious, is they also need to make sure that they embrace social media marketing to its fullest through Instagram business hashtags and Instagram business promotion.
It would be “financial suicide” to think of going into business and not capitalizing on the free advertisement that comes from using sites like Facebook and Twitter.
As a matter of fact, a business with a weak online presence can’t expect to be taken seriously by its potential clients.
After all, the first thing most people do when searching for a product or service is to fire up their browser and make an online search for it and Instagram business marketing may help.”

“Instagram is a great way to promote your brand, connect the physical world with the online world and launch a new product or service, just to name a few.
What you use—and how you use it—will depend on your goals and your organisation.”

We chose not to use spam hashtags on either of the business' pages as we believe it can take away from the aesthetic of the page's feed in conjunction with annoying the follower as it fills up their home page feed.

spam hashtags include:
#followforfollow #likeforlike #picoftheday #photooftheday
We have chosen to use the online jewellery business, Desiderate, as one of our online social media platforms.
Our aim of this Prezi project is to conduct an investigation into the use of Instagram through small business. We wish to explore the creation of an online persona of small businesses through the social media platform, Instagram.
We have created two Instagram accounts for small businesses, both in which are from contrasting industries. By doing so, we have begun research regarding the use of various strategies, allowing us to examine the use of social media marketing.
The other small business we have chosen is Seafoam Café. We have chosen to use this as we believe it will be interesting to compare the two, Seafoam Cafe being a physical store, and Desiderate, a store only accessible online
Desiderate’s target audience is aimed at middle-aged women. Those of which can use the Internet, and are able to understand how to purchase online. The range of jewellery they have, is designed to suit the middle-age culture, ladies who can buy for themselves or their children. In terms of marketing, we have found it is important to make sure all pictures are clear and there is a straight-foreword link to the online page.
The target market of Seafoam Café is aimed at young people with a desire of good food, alongside an interest of the surf culture. The “trendy” café has intentions to be popular amongst locals within the Thirroul, Northern Suburbs of Wollongong area. As well as having aesthetically pleasing online page, we have discovered that it is also important to make sure the food, coffee and all round environment of the physical café is positive, which is unfortunately out of our control.
Here are some statistics on getting followers
We have learnt that it is extremely important to have engaging content on both pages.
This includes,
- Uploading good quality photos: Making sure all photos uploaded are not blurry. No one wants to follow a page that put up blurry photos, it is not aesthetically pleasing.

- Uploading relevant posts in which followers can relate to or are interested in; One example of this strategy used is our Seafoam Café account, as we often uploaded “surf” content as well as basic food photos.

- Keeping to a consistent theme; it is important that each post is similar to the overall page aesthetic. This is to confirm that followers stay, and you are keeping within their interests.

Depending on where your followers are located, it is important to upload content at the right time. For example, if it is a cold morning and you have a coffee picture to upload, it would be a great ides to upload when the café is open, in the morning, when followers are wanting that product right then and there. As a differing example, for Desiderate, uploading photos work well at night. We’ve found that this is when users are online most of the time, and being an online business, they are able to purchase products at any time of the day. Instagram is designed to be an instantaneous app, with surfacing photos uploaded constantly. We have taken advantage of this design to promote our pages. If our target market of Seafoam Café or Desiderate was global rather than local being in a different time zone, the timing aspect of uploads would be very different.
Another strategy we used to receive followers was advertising our pages.
For Seafoam Cafe, we created a physical poster which we put up in the shop.
The use of physical advertising within the shop, allowed us to gain more followers on the online page.
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