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Justinian's Code vs.

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josh sargent

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Justinian's Code vs.

Justinian's Code vs.
Hammarabi's code

-Over the centuries there were many Roman laws that were not written down or "formal" laws
-Justinian appointed a commission to "codify" the laws... go through all the laws collected and throw out any laws that are outdated
Justinian's Code:
Hammurabi's code:
-Developed around 1700 B.C.
-His laws explained what a violation was and he gave an appropriate consequence for each violation
-"Eye for and eye"
Justinian and Hammurabi's codes both dealt with
social classes and had laws based off the different levels of the social classes. Also, they were the common law in the region. For Justinian, it was the Byzantine Empire and for Hammurabi it was Amorites in Mesopotamia. The code of laws for each of them strengthened order.
Justinian tried to create a better code of laws
since the ones before him weren't written down
and were more formal. He made them official and had people codify the laws. Hammurabi's laws were more about cause and effect. He gave people consequences for certain actions they did wrong.
-Made laws official
-Had people look over the laws so they were fair to all the different classes
-took social classes into consideration

-Everyone knew that there was consequences if they did something wrong
-before this code people often took it upon themselves to deal with offenders and Hammurabi's code fixed this issue
-strengthened order in Mesopotamia
-changed the whole way of life because most people were used to the formal laws and didn't like the official laws that he wrote
-Justinian almost lost his thrown but his wife Theodora saved it.

-People didn't like some of the consequences that went along with the behaviors
-This could cause outbreaks and conflict
-Crimes were now a concern of the village/community so the vilage has to get involved with every crime.
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