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Astro Board Presentation

No description

Shawn Liam

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Astro Board Presentation

EURO 2012 Contributed RM1.5 Million to the
overall revenue Thaipusam Extend campaign's reach to international audiences

Achieved 44,000 online video views from across the globe AOD Awards 2012
Online Voting Viral sharing through Facebook
totaling up to 202,000 users Adam & Hawa Total video views: 637,608
Drive subscription of Mustika Pack ACM Migration Platform savings: RM540,000/annum
Allows for more flexibility and control
by our content and development team ASQ 2013
Online Audition Reverse programming Awani (GE13) Directed 6,000 users to
Astro Awani's GE13 campaign DigiWWWOW 1st commercial project leveraging on Astro Gempak's platform and reach.

1st off site live streaming event for Astro Gempak Chef Astro Unified platform for all of Astro's cooking programs incorporating social media sharing and localized recipes.

182,233 downloads garnered. Exclusive Videos BPL, MSL, Gempak Videos, Zhongwen Videos Social Media Modules Fantasy Game
Online Voting Event/Programme
Based Content Ceria
Tutor TV
Oh My English News content that are
related to Malaysians Malaysian football articles
Gempak in-house articles
Zhongwen in-house articles JUNE/JULY 2013 Drive new revenue
Increase Stadium Astro's web and mobile presence by redirecting MLP users to Stadium Astro (50k UV & 100k PV monthly) 16 AUGUST 2013 Provide content to TV, reverse programming for Astro Warna Q3 2013 New design focused on multiple touch points driving Astro Packages and product upsell
Encourage self-care services This product will drive sports subscription & service consumption on all platforms To promote awareness of Astro's mobile apps within a single location Allows better understanding of Astro customers needs in order to serve relevant content (personalization) September 2013 Drive Mustika package subscription
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