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The Negative Effects of Forcing Children Into Sports

No description

pedro salazar

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of The Negative Effects of Forcing Children Into Sports

Why Kids Are Forced into Sport?
Parents force their children into sports because they dream of raising their child to become an multimillionaire professional athletes. Parents also want their child to become the athlete that they have always wanted to be.
Physical Issues
"Rather than advancing in overall development, forced participation can inhibit the child from enjoying the activity, decrease a desire to succed at it and increase the risk of injury" ("Negative Effects of Parent That Push Their Children Into Playing Sports")
Best Solution
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Problems Children May Face
"" It can be difficult to convince the parents and child that time away from their sport might be necessary, but they need to understand the risk of long-term damage they could suffer,' said Dr. Gotlin" ("Survey Shows Parents Could Be Pushing their Child Athletes to Specialize in One Sport Too Early, Putting Them at Risk for Serious Injury")

Mental Problems
"However, too many sports activities or too much practice while focusing on one sport can result in emotional stress or sport related injuries" ("What Are the Dangers of Pushing Your Child to Play Sports?").
The Negative Effects of Forcing Children Into Sports
"When children lack ability but are forced to compete, they are placed in humiluating situations where they continually fail. Intead of cultivation healthy self-esteem from sport paticipation, te repeated embarrassment can cause the child to become stressed,anxious, withdrawn and depressed" (Negative Effects of Parents That Push Their Child Into Playing Sports)
Ease up on their child and let them quit their sport if do not enjoy it anymore.
Often, parents should check in on their child to seem if the interest in their sport is still there.
If a child is uninterested in a sport, he or she may not give their
full effort which may lead to a serious injury when others are
giving their all.
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