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Standards Based Grading at HHS

No description

Jackie McKenna

on 5 August 2010

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Transcript of Standards Based Grading at HHS

What we're currently doing... IS NOT WORKING Current Practice Scores Grading
Policy Traditional
Assessments and Grading Standards Based
Grading Student Centered
Learning Targets Data Driven
Instruction Retention and
Differentiation AP Statistics Scores 3 or higher is passing 1 2 3 4 5

11 2 0 0 0 2009-2010 2008-2009 6 1 1 0 0 HSA Scores Who would you want to pack your parachute? When
End of chapter or unit
Marking period ending
Haven't had a quiz in a while

Test or quiz
Paper Where
In the classroom, during the class period
Often requires entire period (or more) Why
Because I need to record grades
Reward students for doing well
Penalize students who don't learn What if they fail?
They better learn it for the final! 50% Classwork
30% Assessments
10% Preparation
10% Attendance Focus on skills and understanding...
Not chapters and units Don't grade practice Homework
Classwork Bobby: CW - 50% Quiz - 60% Test - 100% Sally: CW - 100% Quiz - 100% Test 100% Teach
Assess Teach and Reteach Assessment and Grading
@ Heritage High School Format
Exit Ticket
Problem on board
Kids practice,
Teacher gives feedback
Teaching Process Teach Chapter 1 Assign and grade classwork and homework
on chapter 1 Chapter 1 Quiz Teach Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Quiz Assign and grade classwork and homework
on chapter 2 Review Unit 1 Test FINAL EXAM! 2009-2010 First time taker performance Algebra ......... 48.3%

Biology ......... 29.2%

English .......... 24.2%

Government.... 35.8% The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results - Ben Franklin/Albert Einstein Unpack your standards Assess and Reassess Kids practice,
Teacher gives feedback

Doesn't have to take all period! Spiral assessments:

Concepts 2 and 1

or Concepts 14 and 6 But what if Sally's score on the reassessment is
lower than her original score? Rubric her score is lowered Sally's "cram it in and dump it out" method... Does Not Work. Remember Bobby? SBG
Teaching and Assessment Cycle Students keep track of their own progress towards mastery Students know what they don't know 48% on Quiz 3 vs. 2 on Evaluate appropriate measures of
center, spread, and resistance to
extreme values Whole Group: Teacher can identify exactly what concepts to re-teach or review as lessons move forward or as State/AP Exam arrives. Individual Student: Teacher can identify which concepts a student is
struggling with and intervene. "I'm failing, can I have some work?" "I need help with analyzing scatterplots..
can I have some extra practice problems?" OR Small Group: Teacher can identify groups of students struggling with the same
concept and target remediation. 4 COMPLETE - Student knows what's up, no kidding 3 SUBSTANTIAL - Minor conceptual error or major
computational error 2 DEVELOPING - Has a clue, but major conceptual error 1 MINIMAL - Wrote something correct or in the right
direction, but is essentially clueless SBG - 75%
Blog Posts 10%
MC Error Analysis 15% SBG 70%
Journaling 20%
Blog Posts 10% Imbed multiple concepts in one assessment
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