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The Culture of the Brony

A short examination of some of the cultural characteristics of "Bronies"

Derrick Goss

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of The Culture of the Brony

Symbols Norms Cultural Characteristics of the "Brony" Brony Culture Apples Honesty & Hard Work Griffons GRIFFONS SUCK! Derpy
Hooves Brony effect on production of the show Kindness Treat everyone like a friend. Even haters. Expect Ridicule Some people aren't going to respect or understand what you do. Support Eachother Being a Brony is hard... Give another Brony some support. Make Fan-Art Bronies LOVE fan-art! Values Materialistic Aspects Language Fluttershy Kindness and Love Rainbow
Dash Loyalty and Courage Rarity Generosity Pinky Pie Happiness and laughter Applejack Honesty and
Hard Work. Twilight
Sparkle She represents the value of friendship Primary
Language Show is produced in English, and most Bronies are American, but some can be found all over the world. Pony-Puns So many
Pony-Puns... Bro-hoof, every-pony, etc... Computers The Brony's main form of communication with other bronies. Costumes Bronies love attending conventions in costumes ("Cosplay") Toys/
Figures Many Bronies own toys of their favorite characters Non-Materialistic Aspects Humor Bronies use humor to attract new recruits and to entertain themselves. Artwork Bronies produce a TON of Fan-Art, but it's usually only internet based. Friendship One of the most important things to a brony. Usually in the form of image macros or memes (images with text placed over them). Fluttershy Kindness Values Pinkie Pie Happiness
& laughter Rainbow
Dash Loyalty Applejack Honesty Rarity Generosity Twilight
Sparkle Value of Friendship
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