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The Allied Victory

No description

Rachael Siegelbaum

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of The Allied Victory

The Allied Victory! The Tide Turns Home Fronts Victory in Europe Victory in Pacific The North African Campaign The Battle Of Stalingrad The Invasion Of Italy D-Day Invasion The Japanese in Retreat Japanese Surrender The Battle Of The Bulge Mobilizing for war Civil Rights Germany's Surrender The battle began on August 23, 1942
The German Luftwaffe went on nightly bombing raids
November 19 German controled 90% of city but the Soviet couterattacks
Soviets surround stalingrad Stalingrad was a major industrial center on the Volga River Germans are trapped and supplies are cut off Allied forces capture Sicily Mussolini loses power and is arrested Germany seizes control of northern Italy and Mussolini is back in charge German falls in May of 1945 Mussolini is found in the back of a German truck disguised as a German soldier

Italien soldiers kill him and hang his body in downtown Milan Factories in the US convert to making war materials Dwight D. Eisenhower General Bernard Montgomery Rommel Prejudice against Japanese Americans A shortage of consumer
goods hit the US To keep people happy and working hard the
Allied governmnets used
propaganda 2/3 or people were American born citizens February 19, 1942, Roosevelt called for internment of Japanese-Americans May 1944 invasion is ready
Dwight D. Eisenhower led attack Planed to attack in Normandy. This is in northwestern France The Allied forces land on the island of Leyte
Japanese planned on destroying the American fleet The Japanese navy lost disastrously The kamikazes were the only thing keeping the Japanese from losing the battle Japanes suicide pilots March 1945- American Marines take Iwo Jima
June 21- US troops gain control of Okinawa This was one of the bloodiest land battles of the war President Truman warns Japanese to surrender Japanese did not reply US drops an atomic bomb on Hiroshima Between 70,000 and 80,000 people died Three days later a second bomb was dropped on Nagasake 70,000 people were killed immediatly and many more were killed later from radiation Japanese surrendered on September 2 With the Japanese surrender the war had ended June 6,1944=D-Day British, American,
French, Canadian July 25, allies forge through Germans Liberate France, Belguim, Luemburg the push into Allied lines Hitler faces two wars from allies and soviets
counter attacks from west December 19- Germans push
through American defenses Allies eventually push germans back Allies and Soviets closing in on Berlin
Soviets have Berlin surrounded meanwhile, hitler preparing for his end
april 29, he married eva braun
next day they both comitted suicide May 7, 1945, Eisenhower accepted surrender of Third Reich
May 9, surrender officially signed
US and Allied powers celebrate Victory in Europe Day THE WAR IS OVER!!!
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