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Medical Leadership

No description

Sietse Wieringa

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Medical Leadership

Competency versus an EPA
Framework Development Study
A competency for GPs
KHAN K, RAMACHANDRAN S. Conceptual framework for performance assessment: Competency, competence and performance in the context of assessments in healthcare – Deciphering the terminology. DOI: 10.3109/0142159X.2012.722707
Conditions of Entrustable Professional Activities

1. Is part of essential professional work in a given context.
2. Must require adequate knowledge, skill, and attitude.
3. Must lead to recognized output of professional labor.
4. Should be confined to qualified personnel.
5. Should be independently executable.
6. Should be executable within a time frame.
7. Should be observable and measurable in its process and outcome (well done or not well done).
8. Should reflect one or more competencies.

Descibes the knowledge skills and abilities that specialist physicians need for better patient outcome.
A personal quality, not an action
Professional activities that we would agree a specific medical specialist can be asked to do.
These activities can include executing an operational procedure, conveying bad news to a patient, chairing an interdisciplinary meeting, and many others.
Ten Cate, O, Scheele F. PhDCompetency-Based Postgraduate Training: Can We Bridge the Gap between Theory and Clinical Practice?Academic Medicine, Vol. 82, No. 6 / June 2007
Scoping study
Literature review
3 groups
Delphi study
Online Delphi
Larger groups similar stakeholders
Beginning 2015
Competency Framework
Feminist leadership?
Scoping Synthesis
scientific literature
grey literature
international literature
30 interviews
grounded theory

Four main assumptions shaped the conduct of the The Pan-Canadian Health Leadership Capability Framework Projectstudy:

Leadership is different from management;
Effective leadership is best characterized as capabilities, rather than competencies;
Effective leadership can be defined and deliberately developed and measured; and
The capabilities framework must be designed so its intended audience can use it in the intended way.
Leadership is a natural skill
that can not be learned
Development of leadership skills should be
be a compulsory component of GP training schemes
All GPs are leaders
Claire Marie Thomas, GP trainee UK, FMLM
Renee Weersma, GP NL, PML
Sietse Wieringa, GP UK/NL, PML

Entrustable Professional Activities
EPA's are not an alternative for competencies, but a means to translate competencies in to clinical practice
Competencies are descriptors of physicians
EPA's are descriptors of work
Brain writing GP activities
1 idea per post-it

Find common activity themes
As a group
Identify knowledge, skills, and attitude needed per EPA
Ethical leadership?
Collaboration of
Normal Delivery
Provide patient care
Apply medical knowledge
Learn from practice and improve it
Able to communicate
Be professionally responsible
Operate within context
system and resources
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