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GEND 354 Final Project

No description

Katie Dulude

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of GEND 354 Final Project

Teaching girls how to look^
(Media as education) Teen Magazines: <"softly Girly" "Store Checklist">
(pleasurable consumption) Showing girls age 16 to look "hot"> Final Project Rebbeca Valentine
Sarah Araujo
Katie Dulude
Elif Ozcan Course Themes Croteau: "Media and Ideology" Christensen: "Unlearning the Myths that Bind Us" Orenstein: "Cinderella Ate My Daughter!" Raby: "A Tangle of Discourses" Hine: "The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager" SCWAAMP American> "tons of pretty pink everywhere"> ^"Steal their style" (competition between girls) What the right things are to wear^ The entire magazine itself is a form of media that influences girls with every issue it puts out. Teenagers are not some alien life form: Teenager as a Culturally Constructed Category: Media Matters: Teaches girls to compete with each other^ ^Teaches girls that periods are something to be embarrassed about (and that they should wear dresses) <Teaches a "healthy" way to be rebellious, as well as the possibility of "being" (becoming) something else This Ad shows portrays sexy poses, yet campaigns against pregnancy, implying abstinence ^The only example of a dark skinned model. The existence of magazines specifically for teens implies a difference between teenagers and adults. The magazines is created by adults for teens. This means that the adult creators are defining what it means to be a female teenager in America. They are constructing this image <The only colors presented are pink, and made innocent by the inclusion of "Minnie Mouse" The "right" type of body^ "Massive Shopping Guide"
All Pink
668 Spring Loooks
individuality? Only under their guidelines <The only time we see anything like
"Best Jeans for your body" is when
an ethnic celebrity on the cover...
What about the rest of the time? <The man is the focus, with his open position. He also appears dominant because she is leaning on him. Three 'diverse' girls, yet they portray feminine in the same way. <Both girls are in provacative poses
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