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Ocean Oil Drilling

No description

Pedro Rodriguez

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Ocean Oil Drilling

Botanical Oceanographer
This job is to research all the effects that occurred on the ocean plants.
BP Lawyer
Geological Oceanographer
Coastal wetlands and marshes
are high on organic soil, and it
is very hard to get oil out of.The
oil kills the grass and can prevent
more grass from growing.Many birds
depend on grasses for food so many may die.
BP Lawyer: Describe the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 from the point of view of BP.

Ocean Oil Drilling
They want to keep drilling but they are
still worried because they have a lot of
money claims. (over 40 billion!!!) They
are trying to be safer and more aware because of the oil spill. Because of the Clean Water Act they owe 16 billion dollars to help encourage the people for the act because they feel bad about what they have done and to donate a lot of money to clean the gulf up.
Biological Oceanographer
Whenever a oil spill happens, animals are very prone dieing easily in it. It is pretty much the bane of their existence. The oil either kills the prey they depend on, destroys their insides (if they eat it), ruin the bird feathers ( disabling their flying ability), etc. And when many animals die, it affects or changes the ecosystem. For example, if the population of mussels die, the otters will be affected with the food population and with the oil. Small things like that can really wreak ecosystems.
Botanical Oceanographer: Research the different plants that live in the various ocean biomes. Research the effects of oil spills on ocean plants.
The type of rocks that make up the ocean floor and more things is sedimentary, extrusive igneous, basalt dead sea life on some parts there are volcanic rock, silt,decaying matter, some under water springs, lithosphere, iron, magnesium, mafic, sima and sial.

What happened to animals during the oil spill...
In the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, many animals lost their homes and were covered in oil! It took more than
$42.4 billion
to clean it out. It damaged plants and fish, it was bad.This isn't the first time British Petroleum has run into trouble. In 2005, a massive explosion occurred at the company's Texas City, Texas, refinery, killing 15 workers and injuring 170 others. The company was fined
$87 million
for negligence.

The historian looks up information about other oil spills in the ocean and compares them to the BP oil spill.
The difference between other oil companies and BP is that BP always tries to hide every oil spill that happens because they don't want to lose money to help clean the wilderness. Then when many animals get hurt or killed from the oil spill, then they pay the money. When other companies have an oil spill, they usually cough up, and pay the money to help the wildlife.
Research the effects of oil spills on the ocean floor.

Video on the spill! :)
This job is to discover what rocks make up the ocean.Research the effects of oil spills on the ocean floor.

Photos of the oil spill
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