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Takaki A Different Mirror Ch. 2

ETHN Spring 2013 Project

jenna karsten

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Takaki A Different Mirror Ch. 2

Takaki A Different Mirror: Chapter 2 Daniel Tokar, Ryan Mock, Jenna Karsten, Erika Gardner, Rachael Dority, Ashton Brooker Thanksgiving Wampanoag perspective Video Key Quotations "The atrocities that had been committed against the Irish would in fact be committed again against the Indians by English veterans of the wars in Ireland." Ryan “ Progress for the White Americans was leading to the poverty of the Indigenous Americans” Ashton Erika "The Powhatans had a sophisticated numbering system for evaluating their harvests. They had numbers from one to ten after which counting was done by tens to one hundred. There was also a word for "one thousand". The Powhatans Calendar had five seasons: Their winter: Popanow, Spring: Cattaapeuk, Sommer: Cohattayough, the earring of their corn: Nepinough, Harvest/Fall: Taquitook, & From September until the midst of November are the chief Feasts and sacrifice." Williamsburg Reinactment Video Irene Bedard and Wes Studi The Beloved Women
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