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Teaching With Technology

Exploring new technologies in the classroom.

Darren Reed

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Teaching With Technology

Double click anywhere & add an idea Teaching with Technology
Exploring new ideas for your
classroom "Textese"
There are two matching messages
One in "textese" and on in standard english
find your match and introduce your self
Reflect and Say Something Stop thinking of technology in terms of nouns
like PowerPoint, YouTube, and Twitter.
Instead...think in terms of verbs (presenting, sharing, and
communicating)." Fisher, D. and N Frey. Background Knowledge, pg. 139. Did You Know? In Canada, 61% of 12 to 19 year olds
have a cellphone. Toronto Star, July 2008 ...the number of text messages sent everday
exceeds the population of the planet. ...out of the developed countries, Canada has
highest internet penetration (71% to the US's 61%)
most page views per resident
most time spent online (45 hrs per month vs 32 in the UK ...73% of Canadian teens send instant messages
(im's) each day? ClickZ, 2006 Sheridan Institute.ca Toronto Star, 2008
...the average Facebook user spends about
twenty minutes-plus per day at the online social network. Canadian Marketing Association ...Facebook's size doubles every six months! Canadian Marketing Association 52% of 18-34 year-olds share videos often with friends and
colleagues. Social Networking Statistics and Trends, Jan 2009 YouTube was the destination of choice for 57% of
Canadians who watched 68 videos totalling 180 mins per month. Sheridan Institute.ca YouTube has grown exponentially from 58,000 monthly
visitors in August of last year to more than 20 million today. SearchEngine Journal 64% of Canadians now visit blogs. In:flencia Interactive Marketing Conference In 2007 Internet sales hit an estimated C$62.7 billion, up 26% from 2006. Canadian Internet Stats, July 2008 How does this information impact our practice? Familiar Technologies Internet
LCD Projector Microsoft PowerPoint/Corel Smart Boards Webquest What is Web 1.0? A webmaster directly controls
the communication.

Users are simply consumers
of information.
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