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Rhode Island AM

No description


on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Rhode Island AM

Rhode Island AM
Economic Location
Political Location
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
Rhode Island's Economy
Rhode Island's History
Rhode Island's Geography
Rhode Island's Government
Road Trip Distance
Historic Location
Roger Williams made first city in Rhode island, providence.
Geographic Location
Scarborough beach is one of the 100 beaches in Rhode island
Other beaches in Rhode island
Westerly beach
Whatch town beach
Navy beach
Second beach
Charelstown beach
In 1675 he established
the first city in Rhode
island, Providence and
that's why he's awesome.
This is a beach map of Rhode island
This is Rhode island

hode island state house
The governor is Lincon Chafee
This is Lincon Chafee
Philip W. Noel
J. Joseph Garrahy
Edward D. Diprete
Bruce Sundlun
Lincoln C. Almond
Donald Carcieri
Previous Governors
The Breakers.
The Breakers is largest and
most expensive mansion in
all of Rhode island and is a
huge tourist attraction.
This is the Breakers

The university of Rhode island found the lost kingdom of Tambora in 2004 after a volcanic eruption.
Taylor Swift lives in Rhode island
Roger Williams hospital is very popular because many people in Rhode island are doctors
Other popular jobs in Rhode island
lobster catchers
the state bird is a Rhode island Red,
the state flower
is a violet
one of the 13
state tree is the red
smallest state
in the USA
state shell is Quahog
population is 1,o53,209
state minerale is bowenite
civil war 1861-1865,more
than 24,000 Rhode islanders
were in the navy and army

Rhode island becomes 13 state
on May 29 1790

1938 big hurricane hits and destroys
250 lives

Rhode island is neither a rode or an island
Rhode island makes about 6 billion dollars a year by products they make
Rhode island makes lots of money by building statutes

From Scarborough beach to Rhode island
state, Providence is 28 miles.
Rhode island state Providence to Roger Williams
Medical Center is 3 miles.
From Roger Williams Medical Center to Breakers mansion is 22 miles.
From Breakers Mansion to Rhode island
state house is 22 miles.
From Rhode island state house
to WCE is 1,960 miles.

Rhode island's
natural resource
is dirt
Lowlands are made up of
beaches and cliffs and salt
water ponds.
There are many forests in Rhode
island and to make it better
they attract tourists. For example
Lincon Woods

There are more than
50 state beaches in Rhode
Capital is Providence
The abbreviation is RL
The population is
about 1,053,209
climate map
road map
political map
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